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Other Peoples Collections

If you have a picture or pictures of some of your best stuff and would like to have it posted here, send me your pictures in any format (jpeg, gif, bmp preferred) and I will post it ASAP.
Email: Jim Cherry:

Last updated 1/9/99

Kevin Runions Collection, Union City, Tennessee

Dewayne Hastings Collection, Dyersburg, Tennessee

Kevin Hammans Collection, Newbern, Tennessee

John C. Dial Collection, Rigley, Tennessee

Mike Trahan Collection, Alabama

Charles Peterson, Tennessee

Joel Castanza, Pacific Northwest and Alaska

Frank and Joy Leach arrowhead from Texas

Bob Knowlton's Arrowheads

Randy and Dorothy Bacon, Louisiana

Frank's Arrowheads, Tennessee

Danny Finley, Kentucky

Bill's Arrowheads, Tennessee

Casey and Kimarie Gayle's Arrowheads, Louisiana

Keith Veazey, Southeast Virginia

Beth Nolen, North Carolina

George, Hannah, and Jesse, White County, TN