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Last updated 10/14/99

I have placed my newest finds below. I will remove the oldest ones periodically and place them on my regular pages.

I found the Big Sandy E-Notch on site O32 on 10/11/99. The small end scraper came from site O27.
I found these points and scrapers on site O14 on 7/11/99.
I found these points on 6/25/99 on site O26. The broken point on the right is a Dovetail.
I found these points at a new site O38 on 6/15/99.
The point and celt on the far right came from site O3, the middle paleo scraper came from site O14 on 5/9/99.

This point came from site D6 on 5/7/99.

These points were found on site O37 on 5/6/99.

This point was found on site D12 on 5/5/99.

This point was found on a new site (D22) on 5/4/99.

All of these points came from site D8 on 4/29/99 except for the first point (on the left) which was found 4/24/99 at site O10.