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Lake County, Tennessee

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I found a new site today (L10) on 3/25/98. I didn't get to hunt but for an hour. I'll go back in a couple of days, expect to see some new stuff from this site!

I found this point on a Woodland site on 2/14/98. A very thin notched point, only about an inch long. I have found numerous tools and pottery at this site (site L7), example: A piece of a polished flint celt, piece of a granite celt, clay balls (one golf ball sized with patterns all over it), and lots of pieces of pottery.

This Bakers Creek point came from (site L6)a site near Reelfoot Lake.

Another Bakers Creek.(site L6)

This Adena (3000-1200 BP) point is rare in Lake Co.(site L9) Most of Lake County is made up of the Mississippi River floodplains. It is rare to find older points here because of the ever shifting and flooding river.