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Dyer County, Tennessee

Page 2

This Snyders came from site D2.

Kevin and I found 3 new sites today 3/1/98! The middle point came from site D8. The blunt on the left and the mostly whole stemmed point on the right came from site D9. I didn't find anything at D10 but Kevin found a base. None of these fields were worked up, they were just laying over from winter. All 3 sites are promising.

I believe that this is a Bakers Creek.(site D2)

This point looks like a Greenbrier. It's a nice, thin, well-made point.(site D7)

This point is a Big Sandy.(site D1)

I found this Dalton the same day as the Big Sandy above.(site D1)

Too bad this point is broke! It was a nice looking Dalton.(site D1)

This is an Orient point (Late Archiac to Woodland 4000-2500BP) I found it at the same site (site D2) as the Snyders point.