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I have only been collecting since the spring 1997. I have been real lucky in that I have a few friends who have hunted "rocks" for years. These experienced rock hunters have shown me numerous places to hunt. I'd like to thank Kevin Runions (my future bother-in-law), his cousin Jeff Kilpatrick (he's listed in the book "Who's Who in Indian Relics"), and John C. Dial, who took me arrowhead hunting for the first time! I'd also like to thank my wife, Nicole, for putting up with my rock hunting. My wife had our first child on Sept 30, 1998. Since this is our first child, we are excited!!! His name is Andrew Blake and here is my little pride and joy! (And future rock hound!)

This is me (Jim) and my wife Nicole

This is my sister Stephanie and her wanna be archaeologist boyfriend Kevin Runions.

Please email me if you have any questions or comments.