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Past Bulletins

JANUARY 27, 2000

The following email is self-explanatory. I know that I can depend on all of Nashville News Viewers.

Jasmine is desperately in need of prayer covering.

Her Mother Heather wrote this:

My daughter needs you and your prayer warriors. Yesterday my four year old Jasmine got too near a candle and caught fire. She just went up like a Christmas tree, Deb. It was a horror that I will never forget. I put the fire out as quickly as I could, after I got to her (she was upstairs from me), but she still is in critical condition at the Shriners Burn Hospital in Boston, MA. 90% of Jasmine's body is covered with third degree burns. They have given her a 70-80% chance of survival. Recovery is a very slow and unpredictable process as there is very little skin left. Transplanted skin doesn't graft well, and they're doing the best they can, but only her buttocks, scalp, and a small spot on her right arm are available for harvesting.

She is stable right now (remarkably so according to the Dr's), but they've told me that we won't know for at least six weeks that she'll be ok as there can be just so many complications with a burn this severe It's so hard to see my baby lying there, and know that there's nothing I can do for her but wait and pray.

I'm putting together a web page or rather one of my employees is doing it for me, which I will update from the hospital, but I wanted to get the word out as soon as I could so that people will begin praying for Jasmine. It's the only thing that will save her life. Forgive me for being rather unorganized in the details of this, but my state of mind isn't the best right now.

Holding it together, but the hardest part is the flashbacks of the fire. Although everyone says it isn't my fault, I can't help but think of all the what ifs. What if I'd blown the candle out sooner? What if I'd been able to put it out quicker? What if I had been upstairs with her instead of downstairs in the laundry room? So many things. I can honestly tell you that seeing my child engulfed in flames... hearing her scream... this is the most horrible thing I have ever had to endure.

The whole thing keeps playing over in my head, every time I close my eyes... I see the fire... I hear her... I relive the feeling of helplessness and fear... Thankfully, they don't think she'll remember much of the fire or the pain. Please, please pray for us... and don't stop. There is so much more I could tell you, but I really don't have time yet.

I don't have an account here yet, The address at the hospital is as follows:

Boston Shriner's Burn Hospital
c/o Jasmine Tilton
15 Blossom Street
Boston, MA 02114.

Any cards letting us know you're praying will be appreciated. It will be awesome if I'm granted the privilege of reading them over with Jasmine when she wakes up. I pray the Lord will grant me that opportunity. I know His will is being worked, and I've always said that He is sovereign, and His will complete. My faith is being tested at this moment. I know that to be true, but it doesn't make not demanding the "why" any easier. Please pray for Jasmine. And for us. The telephone number if anyone is interested at the hospital is 1-617-722-3000.

Thank you so much... for everything.

Lets get this prayer line moving forward and let the Lord know this child needs the touch of his hand. Her life is in his hands and only his love can touch the hands of the doctors administering to this child. Thank you.