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Here is a listing of other informative Drive-In sites. Make sure to visit them all and tell them the "Drive-In Trader" sent you.
"The Ultimate Drive-In List"
The name says it all. A big list of all the Drive-Ins by state.
Bill Jelen's Drive-In Theatre Page
A tour of the 12 remaining Drive-Ins in Ohio and a bunch of other cool Drive-In stuff.
Drive-In Theatres of 1955
A list of Drive-Ins operating in 1955. Search your state!
Drive-In Theatre Workshop
The Drive-In Theatre Historical and Technical Forum
Drive In Theatre
A good site with lots of Drive-In stuff
Evil Sam's Drive-In Site
A really good site.
Ohio Drive-in Fan Club
A Drive-In site that lists all of the Drive-Ins in the Ohio area.

Coming Soon!

If you have a Drive-In page that you think belongs here, send me a link. If you already have an image, send it too. (It would be appreciated if you would upload it to your page and send the url of it. It gets mighty hard to keep up with all the images.)