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Ben's Speaker Collection/Speaker Guide

(CA: Cast Aluminum / VC: Volume Control / DIT: Drive-In Theatre)

Motiograph A Motiograph with "Round BA case with large VC knob and dual screens, name front, long hook with channel for cord down center".
Motiograph A Motiograph with "New CA 'Rain Master' design has recessed VC knob, 2-tone finish, scoop back, curved grill lines, name front".(This one is the Webmaster's favortie)
Eprad An Eprad with "Standard lozenge shape with name in block letters down center of grill, VC above".
Eprad An Eprad which is suspected to be an earlier model.
Reed A Reed with "Squarish in CA with 'heavy duty' waffle shaped grill". These were made right up to 1996.
Reed An eprad that is "Squarish in CA with Horizontal grill lines".
AutoCraft An Autocrat speaker described as "Large CA balloon shape".
Koropp Koropp with "Standard lozenge in CA with bulls' eye grill and name in target, box above grill for name of DIT, odd VC knob in recess below".
Co-op "Distributed through S.O.S Cinema Supply Corp, with large CA ballooned shape made by Die-cast Aluminum Speakers Inc" The button says Co-op and the icon in the grill says SOS. Versions vary with one having the standard button and the icon says Co-op.
National This red speaker has no identifying marks but "Distributer made the product for National Theatre Supply, parent company oF Simplex." This speaker doesn't have the right knob. The origonal knob was more needle styled.
Projected Sound Projected Sound Speaker. This one has the correct White knob and is an earlier model with a box for DIT name. This one has E & W MANAGEMENT CO. stamped on it.
Drive-In's Speaker This Speaker is called Drive In's and was made by DITMO.
Simplex This Simplex has been repainted and has the correct button and the origonal PLASTIC grab handle. Simplex
Eprad hanger This Eprad hanger has a light bulb inside and lights up. Eprad hanger
If you have Drive-In speakers not seen here, I would be interested in them. I would also be interested in Drive-In heaters, posters, matchbooks, and most anything else Drive-In. It would be appreciated if you had any information on Drive-Ins in the East Tennessee Region.