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Children of the corn 5

'The Summery'

"Fields of terror"

Children Of The Corn V:Fields of Terror (1998) The best one in the whole series so far! A group of college students are heading through the country, when they run into the town of Gatlin. While driving through it, a doll hits thir window and they crashed in the cornfield. Then, they went to a bar to see if they could get help, but they hear the story of a man named Luke woh is using orphaned kids as slaves on a farm, and that they worship a god called,He Who Walks Behind the Rows, from one of the people there. One of the college students reconizes that name cause her brother ran away from home, and just before he did, he siad he is giving his life to He Who Walks Behind the Rows. Now, they must find out the secret of this town!

'The Review'

Great movie, I liked this one, it was good and had a great plot to it, the actors were great and the apperance of Charles, Tiffanys boyfriend from "The Bride of Chucky" In all, I give this 4 stars.

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