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Children of the corn 4

'The Summery'

"In A Sleepy Midwestern Town...A Horrifying Evil Is About To Rise Again!"

Children Of The Corn 4:The Gathering:(1996) Nothing can prepare you for the onslaught of spine-tingling thrills unleashed in COTC 4:The Gathering. Its the most chilling chapter in the wildly popular COTC series!The horror returns when the children of a small midwestern town are haunted by anunspeakable evil that lurks somewhere out behind the corn- fields.A bright young medical student must solve the frightening mystery that plagues the children... before a sinister stranger can claim their souls for his own!It's a pulse pounding race against time and terror that will leave even the most die-hard suspense fans on the edge of their seats!

'The Review'

AWESOME MOVIE!! Even though this movie nothing to do about "he who walks behind the rows" it was shockin intresting and scary!!In all I'd give this one 6 stars!!

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