Spiritual Workshops for Living an Ever More Spiritually Powerful Life.

spiritual retreatsPart of my spiritual path of awakening has been the sure knowledge that spiritual knowledge must be shared. It does the knower little good to know, if that knowledge cannot help others along the way.

At one time in my life, for a long time in my life, I was fairly active in both teaching and lecturing on spiritual subjects. I also had a full-time healing facilitation and wellness counseling practice. That path ended in 2001, due to an Sacred Initiation that took me six years to integrate.

The Vision in Perculation:

From 2001 to 2007, I wandered in the wilderness of ego and personality death and rebirth. I pursued every dream I've ever had, of a third-dimensional nature. This, I had to do as part of my rebirth process.

As of Feb, 2007, I became a gypsy of sorts. I didn't know when I would once again hang my hat on any particular post.....

I knew that God didn't seem to be done with me, on this long-held idea of going back into service as a healer. At such time as I offer workshops again, this is what I envisioned....

Small groups, allowing for one-on-one experience involving healing. Those who may feel drawn to this experience will include women who are seeking a new level of healing, an awakening of energy at a new level, or personal healing around core issues. The retreat attendees would stay at my simple home in Alabama. I would offer a variety of services during the weekend, including healing work, infrared treatments, reflexology, dreamwork and counseling.

At the time, I was even thinking I might offer a vegetarian diet but the reality is that my body needs meat. I've come to terms with that. I found organic meats that are from companies that sign affidavits stating they treat their animals humanely and without steriods or antibiotics.

I envisioned a community meal, where participants would prepare meals together as part of the fellowship. Our menu would be decided beforehand, and good, healthy food will be available according to our agreed-upon dietary choices.

The Vision Becomes Reality:

In late 2007, I purchased an old health center in rural Alabama. I am still in the process of reflooring and painting but am also available now for healing retreat weekends as well as healing facilitation training. If you wish to schedule a retreat, I'm so pleased to let you know that there is Sacred Space reserved here for your transformation. Please email me at neva.howell at gmail . com for details.

The Nature of the Training: The majority of the healing facilitation training and workshops I envision will NOT be Reiki workshops. I will be training healing facilitators in a new healing modalitiy that I have named Accelerated Alignment Healing Facilitation. However, I am still available to those who wish to connect with the Reiki gridline and to become Reiki practitioners.

Reiki option: If you wish to retreat with me for the weekend and receive attunement to Reiki One, Two or Three as part of the weekend, it will be necessary to exclude some of the other therapies because time will not permit for all. A Reiki weekend will mostly be about the class, the energy integration and the attunements with time for an individual healing session if desired.

Spiritual Herbology Workshops
Limited to 4 participants

I enjoy sharing herbal wisdom in a Sacred Way in these simple but profound workshops. Together, we will make a healing herbal bundle for ourselves or for a loved one, share heartspace, and meditate together.

The workshop usually lasts only about two hours and is typically part of a retreat weekend of workshops. Part of my vibration is to shed light on the role that our intent plays in the taking of herbal remedies, or prescription meds for that matter.

This workshop requires a bit of advance planning, so that each participant can choose their herb contributions and have time to pray with them before the gathering.

Deliciously Restorative Essential Oils for Healing
Natural Remedy for Many Conditions

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Additional Retreats/ Spiritual Workshops
I may offer in the future

Blended Tradition Reiki
Spiritual Workshops

Limited to 4 participants

The Reiki Gridline of energy is lovely, just lovely. It is so grounding and relaxing which can be deceptive. Because it is so gentle, people often do no realize the deep, penetrating effects Reiki can have on your body, mind and spiritual path.

I find that Reiki does not interfere with other belief systems for most people. If you walk a certain path of spirituality, you may find Reiki enhancing that path, adding richness and even more connecting.

I call my classes blended-tradition because I draw from more than one spiritual path in my own life and seem to attract those who do likewise.

Though my Reiki Workshops will include traditional Reiki information and the attunement will be of the Usui lineage, my work in Reiki healing and teaching Reiki is as my path in all life, which is blended-tradition.

My Reiki classes may be perfect for those who wish to incorporate the various aspects of the spiritual path as part of their Reiki initiation. My classes may
not be appropriate for those seeking a strictly traditional Reiki Workshop.

Intro to Foot Reflexology
Spiritual Workshops

Limited to 4 participants
I was sold on foot reflexology from the very first time I ever had it done. What a gloriously simple, yet very effective healing modality! Reflexology is easy to learn and a blessing to give.

In this basic foot reflexology workshop, we will enjoy getting and receiving reflexology as we learn the basic reflexology points. Give and receive a mini-reflexology treatment. Be prepared to melt!