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The Best Colloidal Minerals

Mineral depletion in the body, particularly of the trace minerals, is a major concern of mine as a wellness counselor. Why?

Well, our farmlands have been mineral-deficient for decades, due to overfarming. The result is that even our foods from the ground often don't have the minerals they used to have. On top of that, we almost all eat foods that contain little nutrition, like fast foods, sweets, sodas, coffee, etc.

Taking a colloidal mineral formula often creates more energy, better sleep and just a general feeling of better health for many.

The legendary colloidal minerals put out by T.J. Clark is not the only good formula out there but I do believe it may be the best.

What the heck is polyfloramin?

That strange-sounding word signals an important difference in the T. J. Clark products and others you might try but what is it? Polyfloramin is an extract of specific compounds from the T. J. Clark Colloidal Mineral Source.

They say it is the vital link in creating the synergy between T. J. Clark Colloidal Mineral Formulas and certain other nutrients, creating a "team effect."

Here are some of the reasons T. J. Clark Products contain the Polyfloramin Catalyst:

Polyfloramin enhances the bioavailability of individual nutrients.

Polyfloramin increases the uptake of not only the components within our Catalyzed Products, but also the nutrients within the foods we eat.*

Polyfloramin creates synergy between our Catalyzed Products
and our T. J. Clark Colloidal Mineral Formulas.*

Using our Catalyzed products in conjunction with T. J. Clark Colloidal Mineral Formulas™ will maximize the effectiveness of the individual components by creating a "team effect".* At T. J. Clark we use ONLY the best of the best Nutritional ingredients in all of our Catalyzed Products, with high quality elements chosen specifically because they work best with our Colloidal Mineral Formulas.*

T.J. Clark also has specialized health packages for immune support and heart health, in addition to products that specifically and effectively address skin care, sports nutrition, emotional support, energy, bone and joint support, weight loss, etc. They even a have children's package!

Other catalyzed products offered by T.J. Clark include liquid MSM, DHEA, Calcium/Magnesium, Melatonin, Glucosamine Sulfate, Detox formulas, Grapeseed Extract, and much, much more.

When you visit the website, read also about T. J. Clark's Life Source Packages to help you and your health care provider in choosing "team" nutritional packages that best suit your needs. Create the optimal system for your body by combining T. J. Clark products to obtain maximum uptake and assimilation to best suit your individual body's needs and requirements.