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Throat Chakra Expansion Information

The throat chakra is associated with communication. Communication involves not only what we say but what we fail to say, or say in a way that is not progressive to our spiritual path of awakening.

Saying nothing at all to avoid being unkind is one step but if unkind thoughts remain and fester, the throat chakra suffers and so do you.

So how do we learn to speak our truth in love, neither pushing our reality on someone else or accepting the reality of another over our own inner knowing? One excellent way to begin is to say what you want to say, out loud, alone and with spiritual intent. Consider it a spiritual rehearsal for a later event. Your mind doesn't know the difference between real and imagined, so see the other person in front of you, say what you need to say, and your mind will store that as one communication victory logged.

Other ways to open a clogged throat chakra include toning, singing, praying out loud, chanting and primal screaming in a safe place. Energy work, specifically direct to healing communication energies and clearing out psychic debris from the throat chakra also very helpful.

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