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Help to Quit Smoking


When it's time to stop smoking, natural programs for smoking cessation may be something to consider, rather than nicotine gum or patches. After reading up on the potential side effects of using a nicotine patch or gum, I decided to add a few natural options for smoking cessation so that people who wanted to go that route in giving up their cigarettes would have somewhere to start researching.

The Quit Support Pack featured in the banner to your left contains a 3 to 4 week supply of the Quit Tea formula and the Quit Support Formula and is specifically designed to help with tobacco cessation and the symptoms of tobacco withdrawal. If you are serious about quitting, and you know that it really is time, this may be a good investment. I don't know about you but I read customer reviews when I order on amazon and this kit has some good ones.

Quit Tea - If you like a nice cup of tea, this may be a good choice for cravings after you quit or when you quit. The Quit Tea contains valerian root and St. John's Wort to help with relieving symptoms of cravings such as anxiety, stress, and nerviousness as well as detoxing and cleansing herbs to help the body detox from tobacco after you have quit smoking.

Quit Support - This formula contains some herbs which have detoxifying, energizing and rejuvenating properties. It also contains magnesium, whcih is a helpful mineral for soothing nerves.

Other considerations when quitting smoking include getting adequate amounts of some vitamins and minerals that may be depleted from smoking. Good support supplements to add include Vitamin C and a good Vitamin B Complex. If you drink coffee or other caffiene-containing beverages, be careful not to up your consumption as you try to quit smoking. It may be too much to stop two addictive substances at once, I understand, but at least do not increase caffeine intake, to avoid making nervousness and anxiety of withdrawal worse.

Nicotine Gum Side Effects
There are several brands of nicotine gum on the market. One of the most popular is called Nicorette. The drug company that makes Nicorette says it should not be used beyond 12 weeks but many need longer than that to kick the habit and some users say they end up getting addicted to the nicotine gum, thus swapping one addiction for another. Also there are some troubling long term side effects being reported by Nicorette users which include losing teeth and hair!

Nicotine Patch Side Effects
The list of potential side effects from nicotine patches such as Nicoderm or Habitrol includes headaches, sores in the mouth, trouble sleeping, itching, dizziness and flushing. Other serious, but more rare conditions may also occur so check with your doctor immediately if you experience chest pain, or other serious symptoms. Blurry vision, severe headache or weakness could indicate a nicotine overdose. I couldn't find any info long term side effects of using nicotine patches but use beyond 15-20 weeks usually not recommended.

Health Disclaimer: Some ingredients in these products may cause drowsiness. Quit Tea and Quite Support are not recommended for use during pregnancy or while nursing. Consult your physician if taking medications, or if you have a medical condition. Ask a Healer Wellness Library does not represent any natural supplement as replacement for any needed medical testing, evaluation or treatment.