Emerging from Chaos
Spirit Guidance Message

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card readings Do you know you should be moderate now?

Are you almost overwhelming tempted to splurge in some way, go off the deep end of some relationship, take some risk that your inner Spirit Guidance tells you is unwise?

At times like these, there may be a feeling of being out of control, as if you are really losing it.

Drawing this particular card is a sign that, although it may certainly feel that way, it's an illusion. You are working through something, breaking free of chronic habits of behaving in ways that are not moderate and ways which, in the past, have caused you disturbance and imbalance.

How else do we learn balance than by walking through our imbalance?

Spiritual balance means getting used to and comfortable with change. A torpedo reaches the intended target by continually going off-course and readjusting. That is an apt metaphor for walking in spiritual balance.

You are emerging from a very strong pattern of committing to chaos. You are at a major turning point of choosing order and harmony.

If you are struggling in your most intimate relationship at the time of this reading, this card can also indicate that you are having, or heading toward, a turbulent period but even that is a walk toward balance. Something has been stirred and is coming out to look at, regarding the way you interact with this person. The ultimate outcome can be a more stable relationship, as long as you don't panic and think things are falling apart when they are only really in flux and becoming something more healthy.

On the career front, if you are facing a decision that means changing your job or quitting, this card suggests that it isn't the right time for that. It is the time for gathering information, determining your options, and feeling your feelings about why you want to change or quit. Hold off on that two-week notice for a time.

In general, look at all areas of your life in terms of balance. Too much work? Schedule more play. Too much play? Schedule more work.

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