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Alternative Healing Online Class

What is Chios Energy Field Healing? My personal reality around any healing modality is that it is a specific way to access Source Energy for purposes of alignment, balance and healing. The Chios method is yet another option for those who wish to learn how to work with healing energies and be of service as a healer.

In reading about it, I found the basic tenants to be sound. I think each person has awareness of their path on subconscious levels and when they are exposed to an option that is for their soul's highest good, often they will get a sense of that when they read about it or hear about it from someone.

When I wrote this article, there was an online healing class to learn Chios Energy Field Healing. The site has since gone away so I don't have a good reference for this particular class at the moment. You can always do a google search to see if someone is teaching it again.

Is Chios is the proper training alternative for their spiritual path at this time? That's a personal question only the healing facilitator can answer. What matters most to me when I choose to study or not study a course is what feels right for me in the moment. There have been things that came around but the timing was wrong. Those things always come back around if they are ultimately for me.

About Chios Energy Field Healing - This is a mastership course for Chios Energy Field Healing. This course is designed to bring you the most effective and up to date information available on energy field healing. This course will walk you through the levels of becoming a Chios Master Teacher. Upon completion of the course, which involves assignments, tests and case histories, study of the guidelines and code of ethic presented by the Chios Institute, you will be able to teach and attune others to this healing system. You will be registered as a Chios Master Teacher with the Chios Institute. This is an in depth course and requires your commitment to complete, you will have to work. There are 3 energy attunements to the system that you will receive on a specific day and time prearranged by us, together so it is convenient for all. This is a self paced course and you can take as long as you wish to complete it, but there are requirements on how fast you can complete; please read the course syllabus for details. Upon completion of this course and your registration with the Chios Institute you will be able to teach and attune your own healing students thus enabling you to expand your current alternative healing business and clientele.

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