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Physical, Mental and Emotional Health Help

ABOUT INTRASOUND - Soundwave Technology
LEARNING TO MEDITATE - Have a hard time meditating? So did I.
Natural Remedies - Essences for women and the health needs of moms-to-be.
CHANGE WITH SUBLIMINALS - Creating effortless positive change in your life.
ENHANCE YOUR BRAIN - Selfhelp tools for enhancing your mind.
LOSE WEIGHT NOW - Losing weight in a safe, effective, permanent manner.
WEIGHT LOSS FAILURE - Do natural weight loss medications work?
DIGESTIVE ENZYMES INFORMATION - Enzymes are nature's miracle building blocks.
STRONGEST ACIDOPHILUS - Enhance your intestinal health.
COLDS AND FLU INFORMATION - Symptoms and natural remedies that can help.
POTENT HEALING BLENDS - Potent essential oil blends for healing.
STOP HERPES OUTBREAKS - Natural, safe, effective herpes remedy
ELIMINATE GENETAL WARTS - Natural remedy for warts, anywhere on the body.
HOMEOPATHIC FORMULAS - Homeopathy for safe, effective healing.
HGH - Human Growth Hormone information and products.
HSV-2 - Health Information about Herpes Simplex Virus.
WATER FILTRATION - Water Purification Information and Products.
ART BY SIGN - Astrology signs depicted by color.
PARALIMINALS FOR BRAIN TRAINING - Train your brain with paraliminals.
HEALTH BIBLE - Must-have reading material.
DETOX ARTICLE - How to detox in a safe, effective manner.
BEE POLLEN - Energy medicine from the bee nation.
RESTORE BALANCE DURING MENOPAUSE - Superior formula for menopause.
SPIRITED, HEALTHY RESOURCES - Connections to other good websites.
ALTERNATIVE HEALTH LINKS - Learn about alternative health.
PERSONAL COACHING - Want to do personal coaching? Click here.
DEALING WITH FIBRO - I handled fibro as a spiritual affliction.
SUGAR ADDICTIONS - Taming the sweet tooth - Sugar addiction help.
MIRACULOUS INTERVENTION - Do Angels walk among us? My experience says they do.
MANAGE YOUR ANGER - Learn to express anger in a healthy manner.
DREAM WORLD TEACHINGS - What is your dreamtime trying to tell you?
OTHER REALM CONTACT - Do you believe in extraterrestrials?
WHY ARE YOU TOGETHER - Is it time to go? How do you know?
A SPIRITUAL PARABLE - How do you recognize a spiritual master?
HERB MEDICINE TIPS - How to use herbs in a good way.
CREATING TRUE SUCCESS - Creating a spiritual path to success.
COLLOIDAL MINERALS - Health benefits of a superior formulation.

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Focus on Healing:
Spring Forest Qigong

Chunyi Lin has a special dispensation of grace in his healing energy. When I ordered his book and watched one of his videos, I felt it, even before doing the qigong exercises. He is the real deal. Learn more

Do you have trouble sleeping? Native Remedies Sleep Tonic - If you suffer from resltess leg syndrome, anxiety, insomnia or restless sleep, try this natural approach to restoring health and vitality.

This natural sleep tonic optimzes the effect of other therapeutic remedies and helps improve systemic function while supporting a healthy metabolism.

What are tissue salts? Tissue Salts are a naturally soothing substance for the body.

The use of natural tissue salts help to ensure systemic balance of biochemic tissue salts, which naturally supports deeper, more restful sleep at a cellular level.

Tissue salts work without side effects too, unlike prescription sleeping pills.

Focus on healing:
Chronic Cystitis
Urinary Tract Infections

UTI's (urinary tract infections) can be very uncomfortable. Most UTI's are caused by E. Coli. This bacteria normally lives in the colon.

When bacteria begins to cling to the urethra opening, infection begins.

If the infection stays local, in the urethtra, that's called urethritis but should the infection spread to the bladder, it becomes a bladder infection, also known as cystitis.

Chronic cystitis occurs when you keep getting reinfected over and over.

If you suffer from chronic urinary tract infections, you should know that there are safe, effective, natural ways of addressing chronic cystitis and supporting your body in healing, as well as staying healthy.

Strengthen your Immune System & Prevent Recurring UTI & Cystitis with UTI Power Pack. UTI-Clear and ImmunityPlus are safe, effective natural remedies carefully developed and manufactured by the highest pharmaceutical standards.

learn more about the UTI Power Pak