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If you are just learning about the benefits of using natural progesterone, welcome. Featured here is an excellent option for the man wishing to promote better prostate health naturally. Introducing Kokoro™ Men's Creme, a special blend of 396 mg.of natural progesterone USP (0.8%) and saw palmetto oil in a two-ounce jar. Each Ľ teaspoon of cream contains 8.25 milligrams of progesterone.

Kokoro™ Men's Creme, the premium moisturizing cream containing a special blend of saw palmetto oil (0.8%), pygeum bark extract, pumpkin seed oil, natural progesterone USP (0.8%).

Kokoro™ Men's Creme, the premium moisturizing cream containing a special blend of saw palmetto oil (0.8%), pygeum bark extract, pumpkin seed oil, natural progesterone USP (0.8%).

Why a Men's Creme?

Kokoro, LLC has combined proven male supplements such as saw palmetto oil, pygeum bark extract, pumpkin seed oil, stinging nettle extract, and zinc with natural progesterone in a premium, all-natural moisturizing cream.

The use of natural progesterone in topical skin creams is supported by many physicians and health professionals. One prominent physician states that prostrate health can be improved by a daily intake of 8-12 mg of progesterone. Daily use of Kokoro™ Men's Creme supplies this recommended level.

In choosing a progesterone cream for men, consider the following:

Kokoro™ creams are non-ethoxylated. This current state-of-the-art approach in cream formulation uses only an all-natural vegetable emulsifier instead of the more common, and less expensive, polyethylene glycol (PEG) stearates that you will find in many other products.

Kokoro™ creams contain no surfactants, which are wetting agents and meet vegan and vegetarian standards. Two ingredients that vegans object to, hyaluronic acid and keratin, are found in other products.

Kokoro™ products use a natural, full-spectrum preservative, silver chloride, as opposed to methyl, butyl, or propyl-paraben found in many products.

Kokoro™ creams are non-comedogenic - they won't clog skin pores. Isopropyl mearistate contributes to blackheads and can be found in many products.

All ingredients in our creams are either plant or mineral derived.

We use no animal products or by-products nor do we use any petrochemical based ingredients.

Kokoro™ products are cruelty-free - we do not use any animal testing.

This carefully blended cream is designed to deliver natural progesterone along with herbs and oils known for their positive effects in supporting and maintaining male health.

When quality matters, Kokoro™ Men's Creme is the choice!

Try it risk free! 30-day money back guarantee! Your purchase price, less the S/H charge will be refunded if you are not satisfied.

Ingredients include: Deionized water, Caprylic/Capric Triglycerides (coconut oil derived), Progesterone USP (396 mg, wild yam derived), Cetyl Alcohol (vegetable derived), Cetyl Ricinoleate (castor seeds), Stearic Acid (palm oil), Saw Palmetto Oil, Apricot Oil, Pygeum Bark Extract, Stinging Nettle Extract, Pumpkinseed Oil, Zinc Stearate, Lecithin, dex-panthenol (Vitamin B-5), Retinyl Palmitate (Vitamin A), Xanthan Gum, Silver Chloride (natural preservative), Sandalwood Extract, Orange Extract

How to Purchase:

Order online via the secure ordering system on our Information Page (Men's creme is just below the women's progesterone creme on the page), or have this product auto-shipped to you at regular intervals and receive a 20% discount by joining our ASAP Savings program.

Important Recall Information Regarding Prostate Health Products: The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has warned consumers to stop taking the dietary supplement/herbal product PC SPES and SPES because they contain undeclared prescription drug ingredients that could cause serious health effects if not taken under medical supervision. In February 2002, BotanicLab, the California-based manufacturer of the product, voluntarily recalled PC SPES and SPES nationwide. Subsequently, on June 1, 2002, BotanicLab officially closed. PC SPES is a capsule that is marketed for "prostate health" and SPES is a capsule marketed as an immune enhancer. To read more about this recall, please visit The National Center for Complementary and Alternative Medicine

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