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Don't take "no" so personally

You drew the card REJECTION card from the free card readings page or you have been led to this page by a search on pertinent keywords. Either way, perhaps the message of the REJECTION card will be helpful.

You are hearing, or are about to hear, no. The answer you want to hear is yes.

Being refused or rejected is hard on anyone who experiences it. As an actor, it's been such a regular occurrence for me that I've learned to not take it personally. Even so, sometimes, the no still stings.

The messages within the no's of life are many but if choosing this card today means the particular messages below may be appropriate at this time.

This card appears when you have stuck your neck out, taken a risk in someway, and feel rejected, refused or dismissed.

It can indicate a situation that is job-related, such as being overlooked for a promotion or not noticed for some extra work put in on the job. It could also mean you have looked to someone for support and they have withheld either encouragement, approval or financial help.

Feeling rejected can take the wind out of your sails and leave you discouraged, sad and just plain tired of trying.

One thing you should check closely is the accuracy of your own assessment. Sometimes, what we believe is rejection really isn't that personal. Look to the source and see if there might be reasons having nothing to do with you, that played into the situation.

Even if you really are rejected, even then, a lot of times it still has little to do with you. This card is a message to stop taking everything so personally.

If the issue at hand is career-related, it's important to be truthful with yourself, even a little ruthless, regarding any necessary training or additional knowledge you might need, to help you in any weak areas. Acknowledge what you might still need to learn, or grown into, and commit to necessary action. Enroll in that night class, or online class, get coaching from someone with more experience, etc.

Sometimes, rejection appears to point a finger at you. If you can't immediately identify an outer source of this feeling, look to yourself and see if you have been rejecting something your heart wants, some dream your soul craves, some vision your life wants to embrace.

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