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Reiki Healing for Living
A More Powerful Spiritual Life

I've been a Reiki Master for many years now. It is a gentle, relaxing and very loving way to allow transmission of healing energy to flow through you on behalf of the healing of another. Reiki is generally felt as a warmth from the hands of the practitioner but can also be a conduit for the Divine Feminine healing energies, which are cold. Neither is better than the other but the warmth is generally more welcome! I remember one session in particular when the woman I was working with said she was cold. I said I knew. She said well, make it stop. I asked why. She, as many do, associated cold energy with death and negative things. It's no wonder with all the suppression of the feminine that the planet has endured. I've found the cold hand of the Divine Feminine carries some of the strongest healing energies I've ever witnessed, if one is just willing to allow it in.

Reiki is ancient. It was rediscovered by a man named Usui. He was a humble sort, from what I can gather but also formidable in both his passion for healing and his ability to channel healing energy. His dedication to recalling for us all the gift of Reiki is a marvelous story and one every healer would do well to study.

I have felt the large, confident hands of Usui overlay my own on rare occasions during a session. I don't consider the presence of this remarkable man to indicate anything at all special about me or my healing work, except that perhaps I'm a bit more open to allowing help in than maybe someone else. I believe Usui stands ready to help whenever he is invited, either formally or thru energetic alignment. It is a wonderful awareness that he is still helping from other realms, whenever anyone with a sincere heart learns Reiki and works to help others with it's healing power.

If you'd like to read more about Usui and Reiki, there is a simple, wonderful guidebook on the subject which I highly recommend. The Reiki Handbook

I believe the same energy, Godforce energy, is at the base of every legitimate healing modality, from Reiki to apostolic laying on of hands to sound therapy to the Sweat Lodge. There are new traditions of Reiki emerging, and I've featured two of them here. I don't assume they are as strong as the original. In fact, even traditional Reiki classes, for the most part, lack the focus and intensity that I know must have been present when the gift was new and when such a one as Usui walked the earth. However, I find all paths lead to God, if the heart is right and for those with a focus on the Celtic path, the Celtic Reiki portal may be the perfect entrance for exposure to Reiki gridpath energies. For others, the Kundalini portal will appeal. I don't endorse and I don't judge. I'm just making it available for your discernment.

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Update: Since creating this page I have stopped promoting clickbank products. If you have an interest in programs mentioned, just google them. I still like the products but not the clickbank model.

Simple Reiki for Self-Healing - More than just a theoretical book, Simple Reiki for Self Healing is an actual hands-on Reiki course that you can study from home. By the time you are done with the book, you will be your own personal Reiki healer.

BECOME A KUNDALINI REIKI MASTER - As with other Reiki styles, Kundalini Reiki energizes and heals the body, reduces stress and works in conjunction with other healthcare and medical treatments. Certain styles have specific objectives and Kundalini Reiki is an excellent choice for working on any issues with the lower chakras, grounding problems, or emotions and feelings such as shyness, daydreaming, or sexual issues. Kundalini Reiki is also very helpful for anyone who currently has, or has had problems in the past with wrong Kundalini awakening, or other problems with the Kundalini energy.

BECOME A CELTIC REIKI MASTER - Celtic philosophy and tradition is covered and incorporated into the treatments and goal manifestation techniques. You will receive a total of three attunements for both the Practitioner and Master levels of Celtic Reiki. Following your Master level attunement you will be given full instructions on teaching and attuning others to the Celtic Reiki system.