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Putting Things Off
Is Delaying Your Success

free card readings There is something you are avoiding, putting off, waiting til the perfect time. The time is now and it only seems imperfect because of fear.

One way the mind will avoid decisions, good or bad ones, is by creating a scenario as the only possible scenario within which the decision can be made. For example, you mind may be telling you that you cannot try for a new relationship until the extra 20 pounds is gone or that you cannot begin to vision in that new car, new job, new whatever because of current debt.

Maybe it's a confrontation or something that needs to be expressed that you are avoiding, out of fear of how your words and perspective will be received.

Something should come to your mind that you have been putting off. It is not productive to continue this procrastination. But how to shift your thinking?

One way is to quite simply take authority over your thoughts. You may not yet be able to keep the fears, doubts, nagging worries and negative self-talk from coming but you can shift your mind when they do. Make a choice right now to choose again, immediately, each time the mind says "wait til tomorrow": 1. Put some earphones in your head and feed your mind positive thoughts from a self-help tape

2. Take a long walk, do some yoga in the living room or use the rebounder or exercise bike

3. Put in some of your favorite music and dance, asking your body to shift the energy of your thoughts

4. Have something delicious and healthy that you love to eat

5. Call a positive thinking friend and ask them to talk, and not let you talk, and share their day with you

6. Release and surrender the thought, over and over as often as needed, to the Universe, the God of your knowing

It is time to just walk into the fear, the fire, of personal truth and look very closely at your commitments. How many times are you agreeing to something when you do not want to do that? How many times are you saying what the other person wants to hear, and not what you need to say? Oftentimes, we resent the other person but really, it's our responsibility to speak truth and allow others to have their feelings about that. Owning what you need to communicate, and saying that right now is important.

This is a time of action so commit to take action, beginning right now, to master your thoughts and flow into action.

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