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Fanning the Flames of Spiritual Refinement

You drew the card FIRE from the free card readings page or you have been led to this page by a search on pertinent keywords. Either way, perhaps the message of the FIRE card will be helpful.

Refinement by fire is how gold is made. That's a lovely ideal but the true experience of spiritual refinement is typically not experienced as lovely, at least not at first.

Fire has a way of changing our landscape rapidly and brutally. Everything can change when this flame appears in a reading and it can change more totally and suddenly than you might imagine.

Perhaps there is a dream you've had, a vision, that has been shelved. There are many reasons we do this. The vision may seem too hard to achieve or we may see that parts of our lives that we've grown comfortable with, will have to change as well, for the dream to manifest.

Or it could be that someone we love, or seek approval from, would not be pleased if we pursued this vision. Whatever the reason for hesitation, it is now time to take action creatively.

Do not question your passionate, creative instincts now. This card is an indication that you are ready to burn away all that has hindered you, and step into a time of clear, strong focus. Creativity as a valid aspect of spiritual growth is something society may not always support but thank God for our artists, our singers, our theatre giants.

This fiery image can also flame in readings when you are being asked to look at anger issues that chronically flame up and consume you. You will know if this is the meaning because there will be some issue with anger or resentment that is still pretty raw with you. You may have stuffed your feelings about a situation or a person's treatment of you, or you may have just stayed silent when there was something important you needed to say, either out of fear that your own anger would flare or that you would face the wrath of the other person.

It is time to just walk into the fear, the fire, of personal truth and look very closely at your commitments. How many times are you agreeing to something when you do not want to do that? How many times are you saying what the other person wants to hear, and not what you need to say? Oftentimes, we resent the other person but really, it's our responsibility to speak truth and allow others to have their feelings about that. Owning what you need to communicate, and saying that right now is important for your spiritual growth.

And finally, drawing the flame can be a message that you are experiencing sensual attraction to another. If this is true, then expect that the relationship may have powerful impact. You are playing with fire.

Due to the nature of fire to refine all it touches, the beginning of relationships that this reading might indicate may initially have a lot of challenge but they also hold the potential for being tremendously passionate and rewarding.

If you want to stimulate and fan the flame of your creativity right now, then remember what you love. If it's poetry, start writing again. Start playing with fire creatively again! Perhaps you loved to sing at one time? Start singing again, even if it's only in the shower. Paint, draw, dance, make crafts, do whatever fuels you creatively now.

If you enjoyed this spiritual experience, tell your friends!

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