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Each herb that God created has a spiritual essence that can be called upon, for greater healing. Learning to work with plant medicines in this way is called spiritual herbology, or at least that's what I call it. I used to teach a workshop on creating herbal medicine bundles. I taught these workshops as a way to help people who want to learn more about spiritual herbology in a simple, practical way that is easy to implement. The more you meditate with and connect to the Plant Energies of certain herbs, the better they will work for you as spiritual medicine. I want to make it clear that this is not be presented as any type of Native-American ceremony or teaching. It is Sacred but it is not the result of training with any specific Medicine Man or Medicine Woman.

Creating a Healing Herb Bundle

Natural substances can be activated at a spiritual level. Well, activated is not the right word. We don't activate them, we just acknowledge the connection of all things in nature to the Universal Creative Force behind everyting that exists. Plants and herbs that are prayed with create a partnership with us. The prayers are held and potentiate the medicine of herbs.

Creating an herbal bundle is simple but needs to be done with intent, focus and in a dedicated space and time. Choose hers that address a physical condition or pray about your current situation and simply ask which herbs would be helpful prayer messengers and medicine at this time.

Choosing a color for your bundle wrap is good too. This can be done by choosing colors that correspond to where physical dis-ease might be manifesting, such as yellow if stomach issues, green if heart, etc.

Gather your herbs and wrap material. Choose a space and time when you can be uninterrupted and simply hold each herb in your hand and pray before placing in the wrap. When finished, tie the wrap. You can then choose to burn the wrap in a ceremony of release or keep it with you.

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