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What is Oxytocin?
Benefits of Bonding Hormone

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Oxytocin, the bonding hormone: do you need it?


I first heard the word oxytocin when I was listening to a video from Ellie Drake, the founder of an awesome online group of amazing women, all members of a website called BraveHeart Women

Ellie was talking about how this hormone called oxytocin could be generated by women who would come together in a supportive and helpful way for each other, instead of being jealous or competitive. At that time, I didn't know you could also literally ingest oxytocin in supplement form. Then, a company that makes some supplements I use and really like, based on something called smart nutrition sent me a sample of their oxytocin product, in a liquid supplement.

My experience with Oxytocin
Review by Neva J Howell, Information from Maxam Labs

UPDATE, 3/7/2015: The FDA has issued a recall of all Maxam Labs Products. This is not due to any reports of adverse effects.

The first time I placed three drops of Maxam Labs Oxytocin under my tongue, the effect was quite rapid and noticable. What I felt, quite distinctly, was joy. I felt a burst of joy. I also noticed that I drifted to sleep peacefully that night.

What I noticed the next day was that I wanted, actually desired, to do something for someone else. It isn't that I don't like helping others; it's just that I am not very physically active so my best intentions to do things that require physical exertion kind of fizzle out a lot of the time. But the next day, I went out and raked leaves in front of my sister and brother-in-law's house for over an hour. My desire to be helpful didn't fizzle out when faced with having to exert a considerable amount of physical energy to do so.

I found myself more considerate of others and also more aware of kind things that I could do for others, as well.

I like that.

Oxytocin as the Love Hormone: I read an interesting article on experiments done with oxytocin and men. It was interesting to see that the oxytocin had the effect of causing men to bond more with their significant other. They tested this by putting men (in monogamous relationships) in close proximity with an attractive woman and asking them to let the researchers know when the attractive woman got "too close for comfort". The men who had been given oxytocin preferred to keep the attractive woman further away from them than the men who did not take the oxytocin. Now, just how to get the fellas to take the love hormone? Well ... that could be the way. Tell them it is a love hormone. Just kidding.

Health Disclaimer: Oxytocin has not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This health formula was not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.