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How to Use Natural Herpes Remedies
and Start Getting Relief from Outbreaks

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Ask A Healer HSV-1 and HSV-2 Articles

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How to use natural remedies to relieve the pain of herpes outbreaks, reduce recurrence and help your body resist future outbreaks.


Natural herpies remedies are different than prescription drugs for herpes because they address the herpes simplex virus at a core level, working to both kill the virus and also boost the body's ability to resist future outbreaks. When using a natural remedy for herpes, there are definitely some things you can do to increase your odds of succeeding in decimating the simpex virus in your system.

The most important tip is to attack the outbreak BEFORE the outbreak. That may not make sense at first but it is possible due to noticing symptoms that happen before the virus makes it's way to the surface in the typical blisters you see. You have to learn to recognize the symptoms that almost always occur at least 24 hours before an actual outbreak. These "before the outbreak" symptoms are call prodome.

Prodomal herpes symptoms appear before lesions are visible and may include tingling, burning or itching at the outbreak site, flu-like symptoms and swollen or sore lymph nodes in the throat or groin area. The theory: applying topical antivirals immediately at first sign of prodomal sensations or at minimu, at the first sign of an outbreak, may hekp weaken or kill HSV as it approaches the skin. Natural healing advocates feel that repeated aggressive antiviral topicals may, over time, leave less and less virus to make it back into your nerve ganglia.

You can also get in the habit of applying topicals when you know you are going into a stressful situation.....if you have a relative in the hospital, a deadline at work, loss of a relative, working double shifts at work, not sleeping well for more than one night, other health concerns that drain your energy, etc. Many holistic practitioners believe that applying antivirals during stressful times can help reduce viral potency, particularly when applied on previous outbreak sites and at base of spine, where viruses like to hide.

Important Disclaimer: The AMA says there is no cure for herpes. The FDA says no natural remedy may present itself as a medical treatment for herpes. The purpose of this information is to present an alternative view on supporting the natural antiviral potentials within the human body, from the holistic wellbeing perspective. Nothing here is suggested as replacement for medical advice given to you by the medical professional you have chosen to consult and trust, with regard to treating your herpies.