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Natural Remedies for Allergies
Relief for Allergy Symptoms

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Ask A Healer Natural Remedies Series

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Natural Allergy Remedies to Relieve your Allergy Symptoms

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Master List of Natural Remedies

If you are looking for a natural remedies for allergies, please read about the following herbal / homeopathic options from a company I respect, Native Remedies. It's called AllergiClear and it helps promote respiratory health and a healthy immune system response to allergens as well as helping your body to maintain normal levels of histamine, reducing allergy symptoms naturally. Taken on a regular basis, natural allergy remedies like AllergiClear may make all the difference, helping you to enjoy the outdoors once again!

AllergiClear is safe for longterm use and acts as a tonic for the body and added support against allergic reactions. You may want to use AllergiClear along with complementary natural remedies such as SOS HistaDrops for clear eyes and nose and quick, on-the-spot relief.

What Causes Allergies?
Allergies develop when the immune system reacts to an allergen in your environment, in a similar way as it might to a virus or bacteria. Normally, allergens like pet dander, dust mites, etc. are not dangerous byt the immune system gets sensitized to them and behaves as if they were dangerous to you.

Personally, I have never liked mold but I was not overly sensitive to it til I spent a year in a house with mold and then got a bad flu. I think my immune system was so overworked that it got sensitive to mold in a way it never had before. Now, I really can't be around any mold without a pronounced immune response. Of course, some forms of mold are definitely dangerous, like black mold, but mold in leaves out in the yard never used to bother me.

One of the ways our immune system tries to protect us from allergens, once we've come in contact and developed the antibodies, is to release histamine the next time we are around that allergen. This is what causes the runny noses and watery eyes that make so many allergy sufferers miserable.

Health Disclaimer: The natural remedies for allergies that are mentioned on this page, are not being suggested as a replacement for any needed medical attention you may require. If under a doctors care for allergies or any other health challenge for which you are considering natural remedies, please ask your doctor about any health formula you want to try, to rule out prescribed drug interactions.