Easy ways to offer support
for this spiritual work

This used to be a support page for those who wanted to help with getting the word out about some spiritual writings I had published. I retired the Moon Lodge book this year so I no longer need support for that but wanted to thank everyone who had posted a link to the moon lodge information on their blog or website and a big thank you to all those who made copies of the book (some of you quite a few copies, which wouldn't be cheap) and shared with others.

If you happen to already have a copy of the MLV book, please note that I still retain the copyright and that is my desire the book be retired at this point. The material is not to be sold or posted ANYWHERE online, without my express permission.


My favorite herbal teas
Herbal blends for relaxing, digestive support and more.

Dreamtime Interpretation
for Spiritual Growth and Guidance

I encourage you to explore your dreams as more than just the ruminations of your unconscious or a meaningless mish-mash of details. The slightest detail I can bring back from a Medicine Dream, which is a dream within which is energetic transformative power, is of great value in my own life.

What kinds of
spiritual gridlines
are you attached to?

Every spiritual energy, thought, group has a gridline of tranmission and receiving. Where is yours?