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Reach deep meditation states without spiritual training

Meditation is one of the oldest and most basic of spiritual practices and, for some, it feels very challenging to still the mind and reach a meditative state. For those who wish to meditate but have trouble doing so, the binaural beats programs from The Unexplainable Store can help.

Using these programs can help you reach alpha states where meditation is easy and you will be able to block out interfering noises and thoughts.

To help your brain learn how to reach alpha states of meditation, sine wave generators create two different and distinct waves of frequency. One of these frequency waves is broadcast to the left ear while the other goes into the right ear. The brain has a unique response to getting these two different frequencies simultaneously. What happens is that the brain creates a third frequency sound, made of the difference between the two waves being input. This creation of a third soundwave causes a shift in consciousness enabling deeper and more powerful meditation.

Learn more about binaural frequency harmonics for deep meditation

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