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The card you choseis innocence.

Usually, this card comes up when we've become predictable or gotten ourselves in a rut. It could be a rut at work, in interaction to our family, with our intimate relationship, or even with God.

Life has become so routine that it lacks surprise, so you are becoming emotionally, mentally, spiritually or physically stale.

If you think of the word, innocence, what comes to mind? Someone who is naive, perhaps, and easily duped? If that is part of your definition, the very belief around that could be stopping you from embracing the fresh new perspective this card suggests you very much need. If you already know the answers, there is no need to ask new questions. This is a time where new questions are needed.

A breath of youthful innocence can release you from knowing everything. How ridgid is your daily schedule now? That's because you know everything. You know exactly what to do and when to do it, so how can new experience reach you. Or maybe someone else holds your schedule and you allow that because you know they know everything. There is another opinion, deep beneath the controlled and predictable path, but you have to be willing to let go of what you think you know, to hear it.

Give up your attachment to form. Allow freshness and unexpected direction. You have been prisoner to your own plan, and are now in the proverbial rut. Forget what you know. Ask what you feel. Forget what you expect. Ask what you want. Forget what you see. Ask what you miss seeing. Look on your life and the absence of surprise, and ask how growth is possible.

Innocence means an ability to approach any situation without expectation or preconception. Try going into your work place as if you've never been there before. Greet each person in total innocence, not expecting them to be the same person they were yesterday but as if you never knew them. Live in a state of innocence, and you can create a new world every day. In order to allow innocence in your life, you must give up control. This may be the greatest message of this card. As long as you only do something when you are reasonably sure you can predict the result, you stifle any chance of breakthrough or peak experience in your life. Try something new. Be willing not to know.

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Self-confidence is knowing that you have the ability to do whatever you want to do and really doing it. Imagine being able to set a worthy goal and knowing you will achieve and then achieving it. Self-Esteem is that way that you see yourself, feel about yourself and value yourself. The best way to achieve a high sense of self-esteem is to begin getting in touch with your inner truths and sharing the truth of yourself with others.