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The Transformative Power
of Spiritual Improv

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My Grandma loved Gunsmoke. For young whippersnappers who may be visiting the site, Gunsmoke was an old western. It's main characters were a marshall named Matt Dillon and a barmaid with more manners than most, classy gal named Kitty. Grandma didn't give herself much down time. Hard worker, all her life. But she loved to watch Miss Kitty and Matt. But she also thought actors were hedonistic and wicked. I hope, on the other side, she can see the nobility of the creative arts now. Lord knows I had it in my blood from early on.

We lived across the street from a drive-in movie at some point in my childhood and I remember lying on the bed, looking out the window at that big screen and trying to figure out what the characters were saying by the expressions on their faces. I was unconsciously picking up a lot more than that though. Like how they moved, how they breathed, how they reacted in subtle detail.

In the first grade, I played a purple flower. In my senior year, I played some little two line part in a play where I memorized every line of every character by opening night.

Over time, I got into community theatre and fell in love, deeply and completely in love with acting. I always saw a power in it, a transformative power for healing. I wouldn't have known to word it that way in my younger years but healing it was, and remains, for me.

Teaching Spiritual Improvisation classes is a joyful excursion into creativity for me, and scary at the same time because improvisation forces you beyond what is comfortable. But that's how we achieve the greatest growth, by going beyond our comfort zone.

What is spiritual improv? Well, for those not familiar with performance art, improv is when you work without scripted information. In other words, when you improv you make it up as you go along. It's definitely a wonderful selfgrowth exercise, even for non-actors. When we take improvisation into the realm of spiritual improvisation, then we also include spiritual exploration as part of the exercises. The improv form may stay much the same but the intent changes the result.

Along the way, I've had some measure of success with my acting career. I'm grateful for that. I guess my biggest role so far was the role of Mrs. Darla Latcher in the John Grisham movie, made by Hallmark a while back, called A Painted House. The films and tv shows I've done have been wonderful but it's stage that still holds my passion the most. There's nothing like a live audience.


Interested in acting yourself? Check out my online acting class!
I have a basic acting class online now, that's focused on the metaphysical aspects of creating character. It's fun but it's not necessarily easy. If you have an urge to learn more about acting, maybe it would be something of interest.... Click here to learn more

Want to know more about the chaos theory?
You may have already heard about this idea or maybe this is the first time you've heard about it but experimenting with this idea of chaos is presumed to have started with a weatherman named Edward Lorenz, back around 1960.

The Chaos Theory birthed the Butterfly Effect which basically shows that the smallest of changes in the initial conditions provided in any experiment can drastically affect the longterm behaviors within any system.

Complete article: The Chaos Theory: A Brief Introduction

So, how might this apply to the development of your skills as an actor? Well, making small, positive changes will, at some point, create a ripple effect of change within your whole system, for the good.

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