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Hypnosis for Spiritual Development

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Featured hypnosis program:
Spiritual Growth Pack

This 4-session hypnosis program is designed specifically to help develop spiritual gifts and intuition.

mp3 hypnosis download # 1 contains programming to help you tap into your intuition more strongly for making choices, accessing inner wisdom and gaining personal spiritual insight. I've always known that every one of us has wonderful intuitive gifts and inner wisdom. What happens, most of the time, is that our natural instincts get shut down by circumstances or the belief systems of our role models. Hypnotic suggestions are one way of gently informing our subconscious that it is ok to trust ourselves, to access our inner wisdom and to embrace our spiritual insights without fear or doubt.

mp3 hypnosis download # 2 Helps you stay focused on your path and identify your life purpose more clearly. This is one of the best reasons to use hypnosis, in my experience. It's so easy to let life pull you off-track, regardless of the amount of personal willpower you might have. Until new ways of being are stronger than old programming, it is incredibly beneficial to have a daily reminder of your life path and purpose. Hypnotic suggestions that guide you toward defining the life you want and then remind you of that desired life daily, are very powerful.

mp3 hynposis download # 3 contains powerful hypnosis suggestions to help you into a stronger connection with Divine Source and inspiration. As I said before, it's easy to let life get you off-track. It is also easy to forget that you are connected to Universal Lifeforce Energy and have a wealth of resources available to you at all times. Hypnotic suggestions may remind you and enforce a more regular connection to Spirit.

mp3 hypnosis download # 4 Helps you tune in to universal wisdom beyond the physical senses. With a stronger spiritual connection being developed, you may suddenly see how unlimited the potentials are for you. Hypnosis is a way of training yourself to see beyond what appear to be limitations.

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Is hypnosis safe? As someone who has gotten good, and not so good, results from various hypnosis programs over my lifetime, I'd say that using hypnosis is safe in general but that personal preference as well as personal belief systems require that each person approach use of hypnosis in an indidual manner. In other words, I don't think there is a cookie cutter program or the perfect tape program for every single person.

I have had best results when I chose hypnosis programs that did not directly conflict personal beliefs but supported areas where I had desire to change but needed a little help. I did not do well with programs where I heard statements that directly contradicted my conscious paradigm, even if those statements may have been true. I worked with erroneous beliefs better with subliminals where I could not consciously hear contradictory statements, if that makes sense.

Another point that I think a lot of people don't consider is the timbre and resonance of the speaker. If I don't like the voice I'm hearing (and that's no judgment of the speaker, but a vibratory preference) I'm not likely to go as deeply into the program. So, I'd recommend choosing tapes with music and voice resonance that you enjoy and also choose programming that doesn't require your mind to make too big a leap in belief.

Health Disclaimer: Hypnosis is not represented as any sort of replacement for medical evaluation, testing and treatment you may also need. Hypnosis can induce relaxed states so do not listen to hypnosis tapes while driving or working. If you have been diagnosed with epilepsy, hypnosis may be contraindicated and should only be done with the approval of your medical team.