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Aromatherapy Oil Blends:

Are you a big aromatherapy fan, like me? I first got interested in essential oils for healing years ago, when introduced to the Young Living line of essential oils and oil blends.

I remember attending a talk on the properties of essential oils and being amazed at how many of them were naturally antibacterial and/or antiviral.

In addition, I discovered that essential oils have the capacity to cross the blood/brain barrier, something even the strongest antibiotics and prescription drugs cannot typically do.

Weight Loss Assistance:

I believe those who achieve their ideal weight permanently are those who make a lifestyle change, not those who expect a weight loss supplement of diet program to take the excess weight off and keep it off.

There are certain characteristics of the person who weighs what they should weigh, for their age and height:

1. Overweight people tend to be less active. They typically do not exercise or, if they exercise, it is only sporadically.
2. Overweight people tend to favor fried foods, fast foods, sugar, white flour and meat in their diet.
3. Overweight people tend to worry more, sleep restlessly, overwork and, in general, are not carefree in some major way.

On the other hand, thin people also have some significant factors that are common:

1. Thin people tend to eat more fruits and vegetables and less meat and dairy.
2. Thin people tend to get some form of exercise at least a couple of times a week or have active jobs that are like exercise.
3. Thin people tend to drink a lot of water and, in fact, often drink hardly anything else except water.

Look at these areas of your life, if you are carrying excess weight. Until you change your daily habits, no weight loss formula or fitness program will work longterm.

Stress Reduction Assistance:

The average person carries stress around on their shoulders like two bags of flour. Test your shoulders right now....are they loose and comfortable, or are they tense and up around your neck?

If you are like most people, unless you just woke up (and sometimes even then) your shoulders are telling you that you are too stressed.

Trouble with gas, bloating or just discomfort after eating? Stress can be a big factor in digestive upsets as can eating on the run, not getting enough water daily and eating the wrong kinds of foods.

When you eat, that should be all you are doing. How often do you just eat, without multi-tasking, either in your mind or in actuality?

Do you have normal bowel movements? Elimination is another stress monitoring system in the body. How about your bowel movements? Constipated a lot? Or the opposite?

If you eat three full meals a day, you should have three bowel movements. If you are having less than one bowel movement per day, you are definitely constipated.

Sluggish elimination is a real energy drain on the whole system. Like digestion, the eliminatory system does not respond well to excess stress.

Sleeping well?
No? Waking up in the middle of the night feeling anxious or with a head full of lists for things you need to do tomorrow? Insomnia from stress-related worry keeps your body's natural rejuvenation processes hampered during your sleeping hours which is one reason you may often wake up feeling tired instead of refreshed and ready for your day.

Kick stress out of your bed and you'll sleep better.