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Potent Essential Oils with antiviral properties, proven effective against hsv-1 and hsv-2

It is well-documented that most pure essential oils have antiviral, antibacterial and/or antifungal properties.

Some studies suggest that certain oils are as effective against certain conditions as their prescription counterparts. However, the FDA has decided that no one can market these oils as an effective herpes remedy.

The essential oil blends that I used to list here are no longer available by the company that made them. I suspect they discontinued those products due to FDA pressure.

One of the most potent essential oils used by many for this situation is tea tree oil, or melaleuca. Tea tree oil can sting so it's best to dilute it in olive oil or some other carrier before applying topically.

If you choose to try any essential oils for help with herpes outbreaks, the best time to apply would be at first sign of a problem.

Most people just dilute a few drops and apply either at site of outbreak or into the soles of your feet, daily. (ps from Neva: As a reflexologist, I would use the oils around the ankles, both the inside area and outside area of each ankle, as this area corresponds to the female and male reproductive areas. I usually work these reflexes well whenever herpes is a problem.

Stop Herpes Outbreaks Now, The Natural Way

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Esssential oils that may be helpful with herpes These essential oils herpes remedies may be natural but they are also very effective, without some of the side effects of prescription drugs for herpes. With only a few drops per application, any genital herpes or oral herpes, which is type 1 and can occur as a canker sore, fever blister or cold sore, can be stopped.

This information is not intended to replace needed attention from your gynecologist. Proper diagnosis of genital herpes can help you determine your approach to addressing herpes outbreaks so find out if that's even what it is first.

Essential oils: Always dilute pure oils to avoid stinging and burning on application. Oil that help soothe and heal include calendula, tea tree oil, lemongrass oil, lavendar and geranium.

To tell or not to tell: Finding a support group for those who have herpes may be a good step as well. You will be able to talk to others about what has worked for them, in terms of reducing their herpes outbreaks and how they have handled telling a significant other or a potential partner that they have herpes.

Not telling is really no option. Even if it were not ethically the right thing to do, the stress of keeping the secret and the fear of passing herpes on to someone you care about would soon poison the relationship, not to mention that stress is one of the biggest oubreak triggers for some people. Other common triggers include L-Arginine and too much sun. Best to get it out in the open. Learning how others have successfully disclosed their genital herpes can help.

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