Spiritual Herbology
Healing with Plants

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The Plant Nation Lodge

Sitting in darkness, in the womb of the Lodge, is one of the most Sacred places on earth. There, I feel safe to be vulnerable and open to Spirit - to let Spirit see into the deepest recesses of who I am. It is the unveiling in darkness that, I believe, makes the sweat lodge such a powerful ceremony. Even though you are there with others, your journey is your own, with Spirit.

After many Lodges, with many Relatives, I received information on a new tradition - Plant Nation Lodge. In a spiritual vision, I was shown a way to connect with the wisdom of the Plant Kingdom in the Sacred Sweat Lodge, through the use of 150 or more different medicinal herbs, in minute amounts.

In addition, transformational sound was utilized, along with laying-on-of-hands energy transfer. The four-round Lodge focused on healing and release within the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual bodies (with specific herbs chosen for each round and each level of cleansing) as well as the creation of a stronger connection with Earth energies.

This Lodge was challenging in many ways. People are so accustomed to talking, singing, praying out loud that, for many, these particular lodges presented a true challenge simply to express from a primal place within, disengaging the conscious mind. Without words, some were unable to communicate their feelings while others felt free to express for the first time in their lives. Some were simply not able, or willing, to let go that much. Some Lodges were extremely difficult. But then there were those where the sound took over - raw, piercing, strange, evolving and finally, balancing in a healing space of peace.

I do not pour these herbal lodges now and am not sure I ever will again. It seems the purification lodges were part of my spiritual experience and those it drew to ceremony at the time. If I ever do begin pouring again, the ceremony will most likely continue to evolve. It was always a living ceremony, changed by those who a part of it each time.

Spiritual herbology is a way of calling on the spiritual energy of herbals to intensify both their physiological gifts and their spiritual wisdom.

Many years ago, I understood that the principles of homeopathy were based in Sacred Truth. I knew that the essence of a plant medicine was not determined by the amount ingested. In fact, the Plant Nation is energetically well suited to imparting their gifts without ingestion, if approached with spiritual respect in Sacred Ceremony.

I want to make it clear that this information is the result of direct Spiritual Guidance, and is not in any way represented as any type of Native-American ceremony. It is Sacred, nonetheless; not because of who I am but because of the Source and because of the results for those who participated testifies of Sacredness.