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Spirit Guidance from Grains

You drew the card GRAINS from the free card readings page or you have been led to this page by a search on pertinent keywords. Either way, perhaps the message of the GRAINS card will be helpful.

Typically, this card may appear when you are feeling truly stuck, as if facing a situation that is bigger than your ability to cope with or find a solution to it.

Someone, somewhere, wisely said that not making a choice is still a choice. In other words, we can't avoid making choices in life. Even at those times when it feels there really is no good choice, we must choose. Sometimes, it's an illusion that there is no good choice. We can't see thru that illusion because of our programming, our past, or our belief systems in the moment. Perhaps the message of Grains today will allow you to see past any illusion you may have about who is in control of your life choices.

The drawing of this card is Spirit Guidance asking you to look at anything in your life right now that you deem to be insurmountable and to challenge your own assumptions about that. In particular, if you have been beating yourself up over some situation that has now manifested, thinking that doing something different would have changed it, you are being asked to let that argument within you go for now.

Trust that the work you have done in the past was useful for where you were at the time and, in some way, has helped move you closer to your goals. Assume this, regardless of how it looks to you now because the Grains card says you are being overly hard on yourself and it's counter-productive.

The main message of grains is to trust your versatility. There is a pioneering Spirit within you that can only emerge when you have embraced versatile thinking. Grains are one of the most versatile food groups we have. They can be used in a wide range of ways, to nourish us. Reminding yourself of your innate versatility and embracing flexible thinking will help open the floodgates of potential solutions. Then, you will not be casting about for a solution but choosing from the solutions that present themselves. Assume they are there already. It's an odd paradox of spiritual manifestation that you see it when you believe it.

Think of how many grains of wheat it takes to create a loaf of bread. Which grain is unimportant to the whole?

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