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Once upon a time, I sold these handmade card sets. More often, I gave them away. Gifts with a lot me in them. A lot of work, lovingly cutting and cornering each small card, binding the books, creating the box to place them in.

I no longer make the cards for sale and haven't gifted one in years but I do still want to make the gifts available in some manner so I added them here, or at least some of them.

I would like to add all the Inspired Spirit cards eventually so check back. To have a free reading, just ask a question within yourself. Yes and no answers don't lend themselves well to this process. Better to ask open-ended questions such as "What is important for me to know about this situation?" You may also just choose to draw a card for a general spirit message for the day.

p.s. These are only a few of the many cards that are in each deck so there may or may not be a spiritual message here for you today. If you scan the images and do not see one that grabs your focus, feel free to come back another day.

card reading spiritual message spiritual message spiritual message card reading card reading

The Creative Spirit Cards (samples show above) came out of my deep realization that our creative Spirit is an expression of the Divine Within. I intended the cards as Spirit Guidance for those wishing to increase spontaneous living, let go of thoughts and behaviors that were limiting, and embrace the Creative Spirit of life itself.

I find that spiritually creative beings, those who have creativity as a strong focus in their lives such as dancers, singers, actors, etc., find a particular resonance with these images. The second group for whom this card set has proven particularly beneficial is those who are actively seeking to rediscover and healing the inner child.

message from wind inner guidance medicine wheel east message from moon card12 spiritual message

The Nature Wisdom Cards present messages that are drawn from natural wisdom, the elements and the Sacred Directions. Walking in balance on the earth is one of the most spiritually aware things we can do, not only for ourselves but for the planet, and these cards are geared toward pinpointing where your natural balance may have been disturbed and how to begin correcting imbalance. The Nature Wisdom Cards help with spiritual discernment, daily balance and grounding, and alignment with your Higher Self and Genius Mind.

Featured psychic readers.... Psychic Triad

Things To Keep In Mind When Getting A Psychic Reading: A professional psychic, according to this online service,
  • does not tell you what to do or where you should go
  • will not attempt to predict your death or anyone else's
  • won't make promises like you winning the lottery or your boyfriend definitely coming back to you
  • does not deal in curses, or promise to remove curses from you
  • does not exist to do your work for you by casting spells to make problems go away or to cause everything you want to fall magically into your lap
  • will not tell you they can never, ever be wrong
  • will share the messages of the reading in a way that empowers you to make your own choices
  • will be non-judgmental and have their intent focused on your highest good
  • will never push their own ideas on you
  • will tell you clearly what the session will cost and not charge extra fees later into the reading
  • will keep your reading in the strictest of confidence.
  • will provide references or a means for you to verify their reputation.

    Remember a psychic is a person. They have good and bad days just like you. Your best bet is to follow your instincts - If it "feels" right to you, accept. If it doesn't "feel" right to you, reject.


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    What is a Psychic Reading?
    by Psychic Triad

    Simply put...A reading is the exchange of information the psychic receives while in an altered state of consciousness to the client.

    Each psychic has their own way of receiving the information and style of conducting a reading.

    Some use clairvoyance to receive information, some use various divination tools such as the tarot, some use a combination.

    Using one method or a combination does not make one way better than the other. It's what works best for that psychic to receive the information.

    How do I choose a Reader?
    We encourage you to look around through our website or other websites for a reader that is right for you. Impulse buying of services before being well informed should be avoided. Take the time to read all the information given, get a "vibe/feeling" about the reader first before you buy a reading, and trust this person with giving you information on your love life, personal secrets, family matters, career move, etc.

    Tips before Getting A Reading: Pick a quiet time when you are relaxed with no distractions for your reading.

    This will make it easier for the reader to pick up on your energy and receive information to relay to you.

    Let the reader conduct the session their way.

    Do not expect the reader to give you a reading just like another psychic did.

    Remember the reader is a professional and will give you the information they receive for you (via clairvoyant, tarot, etc.) in the manner that works best for them.

    Enter the reading with an open mind.

    A good session does NOT include: unfounded skepticism, purposely trying to confuse the reader, arguing with the reader, demanding proof from the reader, or testing the reader with questions like "what did I eat for lunch yesterday". Doing things of this nature during a session will create a negative energy flow between you and the reader.

    Above all else keep in mind that you are the one in the end to make the final decision on what is best for you, or the course you should take for your own life. While a psychic reading can give you insight, it is up to you what you do with the information you receive. The only one responsible for your life and they way you want to live it, and your future, is YOU. Visit Psychic Triad

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    Accessing your ImageStream holds universal benefits for each and every one-even when you do it for just five minutes.