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psychic resourcesWhenever we face the prospect of not succeeding in some pursuit or relationship of importance to us, we have a choice.

We can become victims or victors in an instant and it all hinges on self-responsibility.

Here is an easy way to tell if you will fail or not. Ask yourself if you are human. If the answer is yes, then failure will be part of your experience. Yet, we are at liberty to call an experience progressive or non-progressive, despite the collective mindset surrounding the word "failure".

I'm reminded of the reporter who once asked Einstein if failing so many times (10,000 experiments failed before he discovered the lightbulb) was discouraging. Einstein had a unique perspective on those experiences. He said he hadn't failed at all but had, instead, correctly identified 10,000 ways that would not work, therefore putting him 10,000 steps closer to the one that would work.

The drawing of this card is an indication that you may feel as if you are up against the wall, or have actually ran into a wall of obstacle you might not even have seen coming.

An ego adjustment is definitely necessary! You have a choice at this crucial moment, and what you choose will set your future up in one way or another. Choosing to wallow in the pain of it, the injustice of it, or the confusion of it can set up the next such wall in the ethers. Picking yourself up from the experience, and examining the wall you just hit will have quite a different impact.

Our seeming failures are great teachers, often utilized to stamp out the rampant overflow of ego into our decisions. Sometimes we are so sure we know what should happen and the way that it should happen that we leave no room at all for something better. We short-change ourselves by our need to control and whenever the ego is controlling a dream, success will never be as good or complete as it would have been in the hands of Universal Flow. So this card can show up when we have let our conscious mind make too many of the decisions.

A good way to tell if the ego is in charge in the particular area of failing that you now face is to ask how many times you've felt rushed, pressed in on, or frustrated while involved. A sense of urgency that causes you to act before thinking through is another sign that the ego is running the show.

It's time for fierce self-evaluation and an owning up to any areas where you pushed ahead when patience would have been wiser.

You may have sought out this guidance today with regard to some pending career situation, about which you have to make a decision. If it involves the signing of legal documents, it's best to have it put off for a few days if possible. If you are thinking of ending a relationship, or starting one, the same advice applies. Cool it for a few days, let things align better. Might be a good idea to come back and pull a card again.

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