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Detoxing for Better Health

A detox cleanse is done by taking supplements containing herbs or other substances known to facilitate the clearing of waste and toxins from your system. You can get any level of detox cleanse you want, from a simple colon cleanse to a full-fledged cleanse that incorporates a liver cleanse, kidney cleanse, blood cleanse, lymph cleanse, etc.

My personal cleanse schedule: I normally complete the colon cleanse kit from Blessed Herbs about three times a year and a full system cleanse kit annually.

A good rule of thumb is to pay attention to your bowel movements and if you get down to less than two per day, it might be time to consider a cleanse. Obviously, if bowel problems are suspected, such as IBS or diverticulitis, you should check with your healthcare professional and it's always wise to check before doing a detox cleanse if you already have a bowel condition.
What Can I Expect from a Detox?
Each person's body is different. So is each person's lifestyle. One person might eat mostly fruits and veggies, have a fairly low-stress job, and drink lots of water where another might live on junk food, go at a hectic, stressful place at work and mostly consume diet sodas or coffee. The detox symptoms for these two individuals will most likely be very different.

The person with a fairly healthy lifestyle overall will experience less detox symptoms and will not need to cleanse as often but, due to the amount of pollutants in our water and foods, it's a good idea for everyone to detox when they start feeling generally congested in any body system, such as elimination, digestion, skin condition, or kidney function.

The person who lives on junk foods and doesn't drink water will have more symptoms, typically. I usually suggest this type of person not start a detox cleanse unless they have at least one day to relax.


Typical Detox Symptoms While Undergoing a Cleanse:
  • Achy joints and flu-like symptoms
  • Constipation or loose bowels
  • Skin eruptions or pimples
  • Irriability
  • Fatique
  • Parasites in stool
  • Mucus in stool

    These symptoms are the result of a body attempting to throw off wastes and toxins very fast. That's what a detox is ... de-toxing the body. Detox symptoms shouldn't last over three days in most cases and the added health benefits are well worth the temporary discomfort.

    Detox Resource: The 10-Step Detox Program by Dr. Janet Starr Hull
    Update: This book is currently unavailable but I've linked to one from same author on health issues with splenda.

    Dr. Hull has written a very comprehensive detox program to help you learn how to remove heavy metals from your body, as well as the effects of radiation.

    When you order her detox program, you additionally receive over a hundred pages of nutritional information for a healthier body, specific detox tips for detoxing when you are ill (this is important because a body weakened by illness may still need detoxing but not in the same way a healthy body could withstand), the doctor's recommendations for vitamins, information on hair analysis which can help determine which heavy metals you may be holding, and more.

    Along with removing radiation and heavy metals like mercury and lead, Dr. Hull's comprehensive detox program (which does not include products but only information) shows you how to remove aspartame, pesticides, drug toxicity, mold and yeast.

    Trying to detox from alcohol? Dr. Hull has that covered too.