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The Children and their Spirit Gifts

Ancient Souls in Young Bodies

Spiritually gifted children walk among us, as evidenced by the information collecting about Indigo Children. There is another group, about which far less data is available. It is as it should be. They are the children of 1996.

Gifted Children Walking the Earth Among Us - In the past few years, a great deal of attention has been drawn to the children known as "Indigo". The emergence of the psychic children James Twyman allows to work with him and the writings of Lee Carroll are among the prophetic indications that ancient souls are now in conscious work on the planet in larger numbers than ever before.

In a way, this makes perfect sense. If we are not learning and growing with each generation, then the Earth Experiment would not be working on any level I can imagine.

Yet, along with the energy of these children, there is a general sense that spiritual acceleration is greatly expanded now and that time is of the essence.

My spiritual work involved the bringing forth of spiritual prophecies.

In that work of spiritual revealing, I became aware of the importance of yet another group of children although I understand that, due to the specific focus on expanding the upper centers, these children are critical at this point in history. In truth, I believe any soul choosing to come back now has to be conscious and powerful. In sharing the information about this particular group of children, I do not negate the importance of other souls coming in and already here at this momentous time in our journey of Light Body creation in third-dimensional form.

I want to bring attention to the children born in 1996, because there are things about them that parents should know. They are uniquely qualified to inform; given a safe environment for doing so. Let them show you how to best support them and their work.
Children Praying