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Intuitive Resources by Neva J. Howell

Once upon a time, I sold these handmade card reading sets. More often, I gave them away. The psychic reading cards were spiritual gifts with a lot me in them. A lot of work, lovingly cutting and cornering each small card, binding the books, creating the box to place them in.

I no longer make the cards for sale and haven't gifted one in years but I do still want to make these spiritual gifts available in some manner so I added them here, or at least some of them.

Try a mini free card reading:
To have a free card reading, just ask a question within yourself. It's better if it isn't a yes or no answer, cause life rarely answers that succinctly. A good way to phrase your spiritual question for psychic guidance is "What do I need to know about (fill in the blank). Or you can just ask for a general spiritual message for the day. I hope you enjoy the free card readings.

p.s. remember that there are 45 divination cards in the Inspired Spirit and 50 in the Nature Wisdom Deck, so the spiritual message you need may not be represented by these samples. If you don't feel drawn to a particular card today, you might want to wait til another day or ask another question. The card images you see here have been optimized, thanks to Net Mechanic, for faster loading. The actual divination cards are much more vivid and detailed.

Examples of the Inspired Beings Divination Card Deck:
Focus on a question and choose a card

card readingspiritual messagespiritual messagespiritual messagecard readingcard reading

The Inspired Being Divination Cards (samples show above) came out of my deep realization that our creative Spirit is an expression of the Divine Within. I intended the cards as Spirit Guidance for those wishing to increase spontaneous living, let go of thoughts and behaviors that were limiting, and embrace the Creative Spirit of life itself.

I find that spiritually creative beings, those who have creativity as a strong focus in their lives such as dancers, singers, actors, etc., find a particular resonance with these images. The second group for whom this card set has proven particularly beneficial is those who are actively seeking to rediscover and healing the inner child.

Examples of the Nature Wisdom Card Deck:
Focus on a question and choose a card

message from windinner guidancemedicine wheel east message from moonplaying with firespiritual message from grains

The Nature Wisdom Cards (samples shown above) are not based on any particular Native American teaching but are focused on the sharing of nature's wisdom from the elements around us. Messages from fire, water, wind and snow are examples of nature wisdom card messages. There are also directional spirit guidance from the directions of the Medicine Wheel and herbal wisdom from the Plant Nation. The Nature Wisdom Cards help with grounding spiritual energies, assimulating spiritual knowledge, and connecting to the genius within, for help and guidance

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Things To Keep In Mind When Getting A Psychic Reading: Stay away from doom and gloomers, watch out for promises of good luck or big money. Absolutely never pay a psychic to remove a curse or cast a spell. Remember that all psychics read thru their personal filters and no one is 100% accurate. You'll know if you are with a good psychic because they won't be giving you answers on what to do as much as explaining the energy of the situation and pointing toward right actions that may be explored. Walk away if hidden fees suddenly emerge after you've started the reading.