Creative Expression
as a spiritual being

Learn your design to create your best art ======>>>>

Creative expression as a spiritual being, for me, is so vital to the path of self-realization and awakening.

I think of God as Creator and my life as both a creative expression of Godforce energy and a creative force expressing Godforce energy. To create is a precious gift.

What we create is up to us. How wonderful to be given minds that can create anything they can conceive.

Human Design is not astrology ...

Back around 2013, I was introduced to a method of life guidance called Human Design. I'd actually heard of it for years before that but it was only a few years ago that I paid attention.

Human Design incorporates astrological information but it is not astrology.

Instead, it centers around types of designs that we chose to come in with, that help us navigate our lives better and fulfill whatever passion or purpose we want to fulfill with our current life.

There are four basic designs. One is Generator and that is my profile. Learning what it means to have chosen a 6/3 Generator design is helping me understand my life as much as any other tool I've found and more than most.

If you are new to Human Design and want to learn more, please get a free chart at JovianArchive

If you find that you have the Generator profile as well, you may also want to read some of the articles on the Healthy Choices Well Blog. Here's one to start: Frustration or Satisfaction