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natural skincareThe ZENMEDT research team is buzzing with the release of the most significant skin care development of our time. Tapping into Nature's wisdom, ZENMEDT has now perfected the purest blend of all-natural plant and root extracts and designed the optimum transdermal delivery system to cleanse, heal and protect your skin. In minutes, you will have the freshest most luminous skin possible! The 3-Step Skin Care System will turn back the hands of time and peel back the layers to reveal the REAL YOU.

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Ladies, instead of masking and concealing imperfections, HEAL THEM and unveil your soft, beautiful skin for the world to see.

Fellas, why live with acne, blotches and red, irritated skin on your neck and jaw-line from shaving? There is a better way, and it's as easy as 1-2-3.

There is no better teacher than Nature itself. ZENMEDT's revolutionary new all-natural 3-Step Skin Care System is based on principles as old as the cycle of life. It cleans and rejuvenates naturally, leaving your skin healthy and luminous in just minutes - the way Nature intended.

All things flourish, then return to the root. Like all animals, humans are in the constant process of shedding their skin. Every couple of days a new layer forms at the bottom of the epidermis and rises as each succeeding layer is created. After approximately 30 days the top stratum of damaged and dead skin is discarded, making way for the new. Though this procedure is natural, it doesn't always happen optimally or evenly. Aging impedes the process, as do external factors like stress, toxins and impurities.

ZENMEDT's 3-Step Skin Care System, uses the highest quality, 100 per cent natural botanicals to enhance your body's complex physiology and help your skin cleanse itself the way it was meant to.

The result: the freshest, most vibrant skin of your life.

The ZENMEDT research team has at last perfected the purest blend of plant and root extracts, and designed the optimum transdermal delivery system to your skin.1:cleanse 2:exfoliate 3:emolliate (moisturize)

The 3-Step Skin Care System will turn back the hands of time and peel back the layers to reveal the Real You.

STEP ONE: Derma Cleanse Washing Gel - This gentle cleanser naturally removes dirt, bacteria and excess oil, leaving your skin balanced and clear. Other face-cleaning agents contain salicyclic acid and benzoyl peroxide, stripping all facial oils and causing the body to overcompensate and produce excess oil. This creates an imbalance where the cleanser is in constant battle with the body, ultimately doing more harm than good. Derma Cleanse cooperates with your body's internal processes, leaving behind the right amount of oil to heal and protect your face, while cleaning and preparing it for the next step in the ZENMEDT system.

STEP TWO: The ZENMEDT Derma Cleanse Micropeel - Exfoliation is the process of helping the skin shed its old, dead cells to reveal a new, healthy layer- and the way the Micropeel achieves this is nothing short of miraculous. It is produced from naturally occurring Alpha Hydroxy Acids, which strip the skin delicately and without the traditional side-effects of excess peeling, redness and burning. This soft-potency product produces powerful results and is recommended to be used only two to three times per week. Micropeel can also gradually lighten scars (displace hyper pigmentation), remove the appearance of pock-marks by bringing collagen to the skin's surface, and balance dry and oily patches on your face.

STEP 3 The ZENMEDT Homeopathic Moisturizer - This all-natural elixir punctuates your skin's miraculous return by moisturizing, protecting and maintaining its new balance. Made from essential herbs and unrefined plant essences, the Homeopathic Moisturizer perfects the healing treatment and promotes the skin you were born to have. It is non-comedogenic, hypoallergenic, and like all ZENMEDT products, contains nothing but the finest all-natural ingredients Mother Earth has to offer. ZENMEDT- Beautiful skin by Nature.

Client Testimonial
Thank you for another great product in skin care!

I had purchased the Derma Cleanse System two months ago and experienced great results. When I heard about your new three step system I was anxious to see if it could help my skin even more, and it did!

When I received my order I put in to use right away. I must admit that I saw the results very quickly! I washed my skin with the cleanser, I left the micro peel on for about ten minutes and then put the moisturizer on right after.

Never has my skin felt so good! The moisturizer made my skin feel very neutral, which is a relief considering the way that it usually feels. It is true the peel removed old dead looking skin (that I didn't even know I had) and made my SKIN GLOW.

I cannot thank your company enough for staying true to using only the finest ingredients and producing truly awesome products.

Keep up the great work.

Chantelle Kelly
Like every ZENMEDT product, we stand behind this system 100%. If for any reason you are not completley satisified with the results you obtain using these products send them back. We proudly offer our 60 day 100% money back guarantee. All of there products are made from the highest quality botanical extracts and are guaranteed to improve your skin in just minutes.

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