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What is Alopecia?
Help for Premature Hair Loss

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Alopecia symptoms and natural remedies for premature hair loss


Suggested Resources:
Natural Remedy for Healthy Hair

Do you have unexplained bald patches? You could be developing a condition known as alopecia. The word "alopecia" actually just means hair loss but in medical terms, it refers to more than normal hair loss or the appearance of balding patches. Male pattern baldness and female pattern baldness are common with age but another type of alopecia, called Cicatricial is more serious because in addition to hair loss, there is scarring replacing the hair folicle. This often leads to permanent hair loss.
Other causes of alopecia: Excess stress over extended periods may also lead to alopecia, and you can even develop a form of it by persistently wearing hair pulled back too tight with rubber bands.

There's really no recognized cure for alopecia but the good news is that it's possible for the hair to grow back. In cases of stress or traction alopecia (that's the kind you get from pulling hair back too tight) it's possible that the hair will regrow after the causative factor is removed. Standard treatments for those with alopecia may include Corticosteroids but I am not a fan. Those come with some strong side effect risks so please discuss fully with your doctor and pharmacist before resorting to those, please.

Natural Remedies for Alopecia
Zinc and Magnesium are suggested for healthy hair growth and there are several natural remedies that are designed to nutritionally support healthy hair follicles. One such remedy is called Thymusil. This came up on a search from amazon but when I went over to find the specific page for the product it came up "not found" so they may be out or may have discontinued. There were other online stores that had it but since I don't know them, I didn't link here.

Dr. Weil, who has alopecia himself, suggests upping your intake of Omega-3 Fatty Acids and GLA and, specifically for male baldness, saw palmetto. You can read more about Dr. Weil on Alopecia

I also found a video on youtube from a person who says she cured her own Alopecia Areata with a specific mix of ingredients including shea butter, lavendar essential oil. teatree essential oil, Jamacian Black castor oil, vitamin E, argan oil, sweet almond oil and jojoba oil. She shows you exactly how she mixes this natural remedy on the video. Alopecia Areta remedy

Health Disclaimer:This information on alopecia is for educational purposes only. Nothing here is represented as replacement for any needed medical testing, evaluation or treatment.