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Recognizing Your Spiritual Teachers

Would you know a great spiritual teacher if you met one? Would you expect them to fix everything, open some magic veil that would allow you to see the future, see your karma, see the past in a way that healed the present?

Would you suppose this spiritual teacher would somehow be above human emotions, human feelings, human error?

A great teacher...an enlightened master....what does that mean, really?

What if your greatest spiritual teacher didn't answer anything and left you with more questions, confusion and doubt than before you sought them out? What if the main thing they ever did was stir things up, like an inferno and then walk away? And what if your believing they stirred anything up at all was pure illusion?

Would you still think they were masters of enlightenment?

What if they required of you even more searching and periods of confusion and gave no promise of relief or eventual understanding?

Would you still consider their guidance if there was something in your pain that said to keep going?

In my own experience (mind you only in looking back in hindsight can I see this) my most powerful teachers have been the ones who made me face my greatest fears and doubts. How did these masters of enlightenment do this? Usually by asking questions that hit at the root of my struggle with faith. They were the ones that rubbed me the wrong way, continually, or made me question what I thought I deeply knew. So, before you walk away from that person you can't stand to be in the same room with, ask yourself what it is in you that you may be abandoning.
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Inner Meditation Tip
Although we may often feel disconnected with our own spiritual guidance system, the inner voice of our higher self is always speaking within us. The higher self does not shout very often but, instead, speaks in a voice that can only be heard of listened for. We can learn to hear that inner voice, learn how to recognize the guidance that is ever-present. This course is a tool designed to help with idenfitying the voice of the higher self within and learning how to listen more closely to the messages.

The more you listen and recognize the inner voice, always respecting and taking heed of its wisdom and guidance, the more apparent it will become within your Consciousness, and the more it will become an important source of guidance, intuition and inspiration in your life.

Adrian Cooper, Our Ultimate Reality

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