Extraterrestrials - Do those of other realms exist?

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Help from Other Realms

Do you believe in extraterrestrial lifeforms? Is it possible that there are those on other realms that are helping or, according to some, hindering our spiritual paths here on earth?

Well, it's a lot like that scene in Contact, The Movie, with Jodie Foster a while back.

Jodie Foster plays a scientist who has an extraterrestrial encounter during a scientific experiement. As is typical with such experiences, she really can't prove it happened.

When she is testifying, as a scientist, to an unplausible and scientifically unacceptable event in her life, they ask her how she can possibly believe she actually traveled to other realms and met with those of other realms. I do not remember the exact line but the jest of it was that she experienced it. That's why she could believe it. Once you have a personal experience with extraterrestrial life, you can no longer doubt and you also no longer need scientific proof.

I've had more than one experience that negated the need for proof in my own life. A lot of those experiences had a mystical aspect, particularly after I got on a conscious path of awakening, became involved in Sacred Ceremony and stepped into realms of Sacred Initiation. However, one certain experience was as third-dimensional and real as any I've ever had. It stands out for that reason.

When I was about 12 years old, and well before I knew to think of such things as possible, I looked up into the night sky outside my girlfriend's window and saw a UFO. She saw it too but denied it the next day when I, guileless in my amazement, tried to tell our classmates what we had both seen.

There it was, impossibly big, impossibly bright. It was as real as the car in the driveway. Up close, personal, and fully 3D. It had lights that gave off no light and there was no sound at all.

Like another scene from Contact which contains one of my favorite lines, I knew for sure They Ain't Local.

Years later, driving down that same road one day, I glanced over at that window. The same little mobile home still sits there, with the same tree in front.

The UFO I saw all those years ago had appeared to be at the top of that tree. I clearly remember...and yet, the tree is so small. How could something so huge have appeared that close to the earth and only my friend and myself see it?

Of course, I don't know if it is that we are the only ones who saw it. Wee never spoke of it to many. I was telling everyone at school the next day and my friend blushed reddest red and denied seeing it so that was the end of that conversation. Maybe others saw it too and didn't know how to talk about it.

Since then I've seen things in the sky that "might" have been a UFO but never again have I seen one so clearly as to eliminate all doubt.

Other experiences I've had, as I mentioned before, were not so third-dimensional but rather visionary or energetic in nature. That is to say, I saw with inner vision or felt energies around me. That didn't make them less real to me, just different.

Each person must decide if they believe or not but believing is not so important, I think. Knowing is important and that only comes thru direct experience. If you want it, ask for it.