The Magic of Creating Success

How to Create Success - 10 Tips

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Creating more success - 10 easy tools: Looking to create more success in your life? Who isn't, right? I encourage you to just try these ten things for a month and see how you feel at the end of the 30 days!

I've been an actor since the 70's, starting in community theatre and then going to New York to train and then trying the L.A. scene a couple of times. Got my union card, did some commercials, film and tv work.

I've also taught acting off and on for many years, though I haven't done a class in a long time except for the free online acting class I offer. As an actress and as an acting coach, I've had the unique perspective of watching people grow in self-confidence by leaps and bounds.

I began to see how the craft of developing optimal performance in acting began to illuminate the process toward developing optimal performance in other areas of life -- in all areas, in fact.

I began to see that the qualities one needs to be a good actor were the same ones needed to succeed in any other endeavor, including spiritual awakening. To be a believable actor, you need an abundance and depth of awareness about the character you are playing, particularly if that character is nothing like yourself. Otherwise, you are not believable to the audience, as that character. This requirement for creating believable characters helps develop empathy in a student as they hone their acting skills.

An actor must be confident and each performance or successful rehearsal builds confidence that can be utilized in other areas of that person's life as well.

Rehearsals give a unique opportunity we don't get in life, to do the show before we have to do the show. We can fall on our face in rehearsal, take risks we'd be afraid to take on opening night. We learn, in acting, that the accidents can sometimes be magical and we learn how to pull ourselves out of our own mistakes if we forget our lines.

Acting is such an incredible self-development tool with benefits too numerous to mention, including helping the serious student to develop greater flexibility in thinking, more creative imaginative ideas and emotional freedom of restrictions and blockage.

To succeed in a role, the actor must be willing to dedicate the time and effort, to explore the script, rehearse and block, memorize the lines and most of all, work with the other characters on the stage and make their environment home. These are some of the same qualities you need to succeed at any job.

One of the best ways you can increase both your success-thinking and your creativity, is to take a good acting class. Preferrably one where there is improvisation included, which means that you work without a script - making it up as you go along. It's thrilling, scary and generates tremendous mental growth.

10 Spiritually Sound Ways
to Boost Success and Creativity

1. Ask for help when you need help The most successful people know when they are in over their heads and they are not shy about asking for help. Successful people also know how, or learn how, to delegate. If you are feeling overwhelmed, it may be because you won't let anyone else do anything. Work thru your fears of collaboration or asking for help. Show me a person who insists on doing everything themselves and I'll show you a person operating on fear. Face what you are afraid of and get the help you need. One good way to stretch your potential on this is to decide, right now, that for the next 30 days, you will ask someone for assistance at least once a day.

2. Utilize your God-given creative vision Some of the most important work you can do is away from the desk and the phone and the computer. If you will spend time on a daily basis visualizing what you wish to create, take at least one creative action toward that goal daily and then spend regular time reviewing the actions you have taken and the results, you will discover your goals are manifesting faster than you might have believed they coud. Write "visualization time" into your daily calendar, just as you would any other task you need to do every day.

3. Consider asking the four-leggeds for help Many work with animal wisdom, thru power animals or totem animals. You can ask for connection with a totem animal to help you bring your goals into reality. Choose an animal with qualities you need. Need vision? Meditate on Eagle or Hawk. Seek speed? Connect with Cheeta. Would cleverness be an asset? Connect with fox. Make a list of the skills you need, and announce to Spirit that you would like a "power" animal to teach you. The animal may come in dreamtime or during your daily meditations. It may appear in your life. Personally, Spider is one of my most influential totems and appears a great deal when I am writing. If the concept of Totem, or Power Animals, is new to you, you might enjoy reading the following by Ted Andrews:

Animal Speak OR

Animal Wise

These introduced a wonderful new world of wisdom and non-linear thinking for me and it might do the same for you!

4. Conserve energy It's better to let go of a task, go take a walk, play a game or sleep, if you can't get your mind where it needs to be for productive work. Trying to push on thru to complete a project when your mind, heart or emotions aren't in it is extremely tiring and counter-productive. Sometimes, if blocked, letting it go for a while and coming back to it later can produce far greater results. Take a break when you least feel that you can afford to stop.

5. Let go of expectations. God may have some delightfully different way of bringing your goals to fruition but if you are only open to receiving in one particular way or thru one set of circumstances, you tie the hands of fate. Your ego self has a very small window into potential. There are vast numbers of ways in which Spirit can bring something desired into your reality. Don't tie the hands of your Higher Self, by insisting on a certain sequence of events. Trust that God will unfold the perfect result. If you can take the position of "interested observer" it will be easier to let God work in your life. Consider how it would be if you tried to fly an airplane from your seat in the middle. How clear would your vision of the entire sky be from that perspective. Better to trust the pilot.

6. Get comfortable with walking in faith - one step at a time Fear can keep us from progressing because we want to see every step in the journey before it begins. We don't want surprises and we don't like the unknown, at least many of us resist these two realities of creation. We want to know for sure how it will turn out. That's not the way of creative flow. The next step often will not be revealed until we have done the work needed in the present moment. Jumping ahead is one of the biggest energy drains I can imagine. It's a little like trying to go 100 miles an hour with your foot on the brake. All you'll do is make a stink and burn out your brake pads!

7. Practice good will gestures. Find someone to encourage, lift up, or support. In the reality of the feedback loop, you will receive what you give out, and the support will be there when you need it. You are familiar with the Random Acts of Kindness movement a while back

... and the more recent Pay It Forward phenomenon. Both are rekindlings of a much older tradition: Do unto others what you you would have them do unto you! These ideas keep reemerging because they represent higher truth! It's an amazing truth that what you do comes back to you, so do something nice for no reason every day for the next 30 days.

8. Use conscious speech! Watch how you speak out about what you want to create, consciously choose your words and images. Don't push and don't push your ideas on other people. Share only with those who will support, encourage, and gently challenge weak points, from a position of support. Your body hears every word you say about your health. Your mind hears every word you say about your abilities and skills. Further more, your cellular memory records everything you think about yourself, whether you speak it out or not. Instead of saying "e;I'm terrible at public speaking" try "In the past, I've tended to be challenged by public speaking but I am learning to be comfortable sharing my truth and awareness with others." Speaking in this way literally programs your mind to put your challenges where they belong -- in the past -- and to focus your thinking toward the future in a positive way.

9. Do something pampering and good for you every day. Even something as simple as taking a long, hot bath or watching a favorite show or movie is a gift you can give yourself at the end of a day. Make a habit of gifting yourself and the universe will start noticing this willingness to receive and more abundance will come your way because you will be opening yourself to more goodness. Stop beating yourself up for work you didn't get done and start rewarding yourself for what you did get done, without judgment as to whether that work was good or not, or enough or not. You did it, so reward yourself.

10. Leave today with today I struggle with this one more than the others, personally. So many nights, I have laid down to sleep only to go over the events of the day. Now, if I were doing that in a constructive way, or feeling good about it, that would be one thing but usually, I'm being negative and regretting. Learning to let the day go when the day is over, and to release any negative selftalk, regret or judgment, can make a huge difference in how you start the next day. And the next day can start being a different, more enjoyable experience than the day before, if you practice this one tip. Get in the habit of thanking yourself for work done, risks taken and even mistakes to learn from and release the cares of tomorrow until tomorrow comes. Ask for healing in your dreamtime, and clarification on issue of the day and then let them go.

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