How to express your anger in a healthy way

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Spiritual Wellness Resources
How to express healthy anger

Expressing Anger Safely: If you never learned to express anger in a healthy way, anger can feel like the most forbidden or dangerous expression of all. Yet, it is vital to our sense of self-esteem to be able to express when we are violated or disrespected. How do we do this in a healthy way?

Well, we start by exploring why we have the present imbalance of expression. For most of us, suppression of anger or inappropriate use of anger started in childhood so a good question to ask is:

What did you learn about anger, growing up? Do the lessons you learned still serve you today? Part of spiritual awakening is the ability to recognize what no longer serves, honor the time it did serve by recognizing what we learned from it, and release it as we move toward more healthy expression. When I really looked at this question in my own life, I discovered that my belief about anger was that it was an emotion to be held in as long as possible, and only expressed in explosions of uncontrollable rage. My healing involved feeling safe enough to be able to express anger before it reached the boiling point.

Healing my past and learning to express feelings of anger in a safe, effective way was (and sometimes still is) one of the most challenging aspects of my spiritual path. I instinctively knew that, destructive as my rage sometimes was, it would have been more destructive if it had no outlet at all. Over time, thru the healing of the child within, I began to be able to express strong feelings with strength but without so much agression. I strongly recommend inner child healing work, if you are dealing with inappropriate anger in your life, or the complete inability to express anger. Either extreme is an imbalance, in my reality.

Featured anger management resources....

New Behavior Generator - This program, from Learning Strategies Corporation, is designed to help you neutralize behavior that doesn't serve you, including inappropriate expressions of anger. I've used Learning Strategies tapes and cd's for decades. They are among the best you can find.

Release Your Anger, from Instant will allow you to express your anger safely, cleansing yourself of negative feelings and experiences. You'll feel calmer, physically and emotionally at ease.

Unlike the Learning Strategies programs, I've never personally used the Instant Hypnosis tapes but they are very popular on my site and the information seems to resonate with what I also believe.