An Angelic Experience

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Are Angels Real
and do they intervene for us?

Touched by an Angel was one of the most popular shows on television for many years, for a reason. Just as shows like Medium and Ghost Whisperer have mass appeal, that show touched something rather universal....the belief in other-world contact.

In particular, Touched by an Angel highlighted the belief held by so many spiritual beings today....that angelic intervention here on earth is not only possible, but happening on a regular basis.

Talk about Angels, angelic intervention and such other-world phenomenon wasn't exactly new to me.

I used to do a lot of metaphysical fairs, working either as a healing facilitator or an intuitive reader. At these events, I heard lots of tremendous stories about Angels and certainly never asked the question so many do....are angels real? I had every faith that they were real; yet I had never, in my own life, had an angelic visit where I knew, beyond doubt, that an angel had intervened on my behalf.

This all changed for me one day, when I had an experience that made me look at the focus of my life, my priorities and my faith.

I was working full-time then, as a spiritual healer. (Now, I prefer the term healing facilitator but then, healer was the word I used to describe my path of service) and felt a strong sense of responsibility for those who came to me for help.

I had gotten a phone call from a man who had come many times to our healing center for ceremony and healing work. He told us that his wife had just miscarried and that she was suicidal.

This desperate call could not have come at a worse time for me, for a lot of reasons.

I was getting ready to drive to Nashville, Tennessee to audition for a national Toyota commercial. For those of you outside the acting profession, you won't know that winning a role in a national auto commercial could pay the bills, literally, for years. I had a good feeling about it too. Until the call.

Another reason it was bad timing was the weather. Pouring down rain. I mean, near-torential. And I hate driving in the best of weather.

Yet, I felt somehow driven (no pun intended) to go to her. It was only after all that happened, that I look at my own motives in that moment and saw a self-created prophecy unfolded from that decision that could have been very different.

In order to make this trip, I had to drive too fast. My hands were literally clamped on the steering wheel the whole time, both because I could barely see where I was going and also because of the urgency of her situation plus the urgency of my own time crunch.

In order to provide this service to her and also get back in time to drive directly on to Nasvhille (another 7 hours driving), I had to hurry.

So I'm driving twice as fast as is safe when I see, just ahead of me, some sort of concrete structure to my left. Without even slowing down, I look over to my left and see a traffic light to the side. It has been set up to alert motorists as to when it would be safe to proceed, because the road ahead had been closed down to a single lane by a concrete wall.

The light was green so I continued at reckless speed into the one lane area.

Then, time slowed and I had just enough of this molasses time to squint, look ahead and see something truly terrible.

Coming at me was a puke green car, an old car, a truly metal, heavy car.

I am going 50 miles an hour through a narrow lane with cement retainer walls on both sides of my car, facing a sure collision.

I literally think the words "I am dead" and then, it happened.

I both feel and hear this green metal death machine make contact with and slice through my car. I can actually make the sound of this though I can't translate it into written word.

Even more amazing, I can see the man who is driving this car. I see his startled face clearly as he speeds toward me too fast to really see anything like that.

Just before the man's car reaches my physical body, I see a blur between myself and the man; between my fragile flesh and the heavy green monster upon me.

It is hard to describe this blur, this presence that came between me and certain death, but the experience is not unlike the description of angel intervention, as written in The Celestine Prophecy. I feel cushioned and in the hands of some mighty awareness.

Then, I experience something I will never forget in my lifetime. I literally feel the driver of the other car, this man whose face I would still recognize in a crowd, actually flash through my body as the left side of his car flashes through the left side of mine.

I feel the DNA of his cells, in my cells. I feel his beingness and recognize his own shock at what is happening. I feel his car.

Years later, I still know what he feels like. It's as if we merged in that moment.

Do you recall the scene in that old Demi Moore movie, Ghost, where Patrick Swazye is a ghost, standing in a hospital and one of the live interns walks through Patrick's etheric body.

It felt like that, as if the man or myself, or both of us, were momentarily ghosts. I think we dematerialized for that moment and met on the etheric plane.

Then, time became linear once more and I found myself speeding in the rain again.

It was a few moments before the event registered fully in my consciousness. At that point, I stopped and promptly fell apart, shaking and crying and hysterical.

Actually, all those reactions took place inside me. Outside, I was calm but taking very deep, sharp breaths.

It was as if I were still in two worlds -- physical and non-physical. I knew I was hysterical but my body didn't know it. That's the best I can do at describing that few moments.

I tried to argue with my knowing about what had just happened, using my logical mind. I reasoned "maybe the lane was not as narrow as you thought." and so on. Yet, the crystal clarity of what I had seen and experienced could not be explained away by logic or analysis.

It was angelic intervention and it was a miracle. For whatever reason, God saw fit to protect this fool. I am forever grateful.

So, are angels real? You betcha they are! Do they intervene on our behalf? After my experience, how could my answer be anything but a resounding yes?

There is a lot more to this story of angelic intervention. What happened when I arrived to help this lady in needed and how the audition unfolded for me, all taught me so much about the importance of clear spiritual intent but that's another article for another time.


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