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Non-invasive VED
Registered FDA Medical Device

The compact, easy-to-use one-piece Vacuum Erection Device for erectile dysfunction. Although other treatments for ED (e.g. Viagra®, Injections and Penile implants) are widely used today, Vacuum Therapy is gaining increasing popularity by patients and their physicians because of the very positive associated benefits.

In fact, Vacuum Therapy should be used as a daily exercise to prevent atrophy and to promote penile health. Evidence from leading urologists promotes the idea that this treatment improves penile health by restoring adequate blood flow and revitalizing vascular tissues.

For more details you can receive a free patient information kit from Bonro Medical, the creators of the Vacurect Vacuum Erection Device (VED).

Just call them at 877-266-7699.

Product Features: Safe • Simple • Compact • Effective • FDA Approved The complete Vacurect™ system includes pump, travel pouch, 10 different sizes of rings (last up to three years!), service oil, personal lubricant, and simple user instructions.

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