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Prostate Gland Protection Information
and Natural Prostate Health Remedies - A Superior Beta Sitosterol Product

Do you suffer from frequent urination or often feel that your bladder just doesn't empty completely? Do you have pain during sex or pain on urination, or do you find yourself getting up several times during the night to go to the bathroom? Then please take time to read about this special prostate formula.

Roger Mason's
Beta Prostate Formula

For years research has shown that the popular herbal remedy saw palmetto has been used extensively, especially in Europe, to help treat symptoms caused by BPH and to maintain good prostate gland health. However, further research has indicated that beta.sitosterol, the all-natural ingredient found in saw palmetto, is more helpful in supporting the body’s ability to maintain healthy prostate gland functioning.

Beta Prostate, formulated by research chemist Robert Mason, has utilized this research to create a product unlike any other in the prostate gland health category. Beta Prostate, deemed "3,000 times more potent than saw palmetto" consists of 300 mg of pure beta.sitosterol, pharmaceutically graded, from plant sources and 15 mg of zinc citrate, the only nutritional supplement to offer pure beta sitosterol for nutritional prostate gland support. In fact, in order to obtain the same amounts of beta sitosterol contained in Beta Prostate you would have to eat about a pound of saw-palmetto berries or take two hundred 500mg capsule of saw palmetto.

Why Pharmaceutical Grade beta sitosterol found in Beta Prostate so Important?

Many competitive products available on the market contain beta sitosterol. However, it is important to ensure that these products have the highest sterol content possible. The only way to ensure this content is having it pharmaceutically produced and tested on a continuous basis. We take pride in the fact that Beta Prostate is tested on each and every bottle that is produced for sterol content, to ensure that you, the consumer, receive the desired results.

Robert Mason has harnessed the power of beta~sitosterol in a super concentrated formula called Beta Prostate. Each Beta Prostate contains 300mg of beta-sitosterol. You would need to eat over 2 lbs of Saw Palmetto berrys to get the same amount of beta-sitosterol that is in just one Beta Prostate.

Men-Take 2 caplets per day once in the morning and once before bedtime as a food supplement.

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